Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 31st March 2022 Written Episode Update Angoori answers all the doubts

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 31st March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.comSaxena ask Angoori how many bones are there in human body. Everyone numb. Vibhuti says just copy me. Angoori answer body has 206 bones and I know Saxena you enjoy breaking your bones. Saxena says I enjoy that and truly appreciate your wity sense og humour teacher maa. Malkhan says to Teeka she have good knowledge of general science. Master says to Angoori I have a request please teach us geometry in next calls. Teeka ask Master is that something to eat. Saxena says it’s a type or maths that deal point lines and shapes. Tillu says how we will study that it sounds so tricky. Malkhan says we won’t study we don’t have that much brain. Master says if she didn’t teach us geometry then we will think teacher don’t know anything.David and Vibhu drinking. Vibhu ask David tell me how many girls have you date. David says I stop counting after 1600. Vibhuti says 1600 is too much look at yourself, tell me one thing what women see in your face and your body. David says my innocence and check how much guts a man have. Anu in balcony says to Vibhu do I have to invite you to come in. Vibhuti says what I’m coming. Anu says now a days you are difficult to see. David says to Vibhu go don’t mess with her. Anu says are you coming or should I close door. He says wait coming and says to David I’ll go inside and will keep that dorr open you can come in. Tiwari walks to Vibhu says one minute where are you going. Vibhu says I’m going in my bedroom. Tiwari says come to my bedroom tonight. Vibhu says what why do you want to take me in. Tiwari says don’t be scared I’m taking you to my house and won’t do anything wrong with you. Vibhu mocks him. Tiwari says I want you to teach Angoori geometry or else I’ll loose my grant. Vibhu says your grant is messing my life. Tiwari says I’m paying you not asking you to do in free and hold his hand. Vibhu says I’m a teacher behave and go with him. Anu in balcony ask David where Vibhu went. David says he went with Tiwari right now.Vibhu in Tiwari’s house reading book. Angoori dancing beside her and singing. Vibhu also join her. Angoori see Vibhu dancing walks to him says what are you doing. Vibhu come out of his imagination. Angoori says let’s start. Vibhuti says yes and start teaching her geometry and start asking her to pronounce geometry and start explaining him what is geometry. Angoori ask her questions about angles. He explains her all the angle and start flirting with her.Everyone in calls. TMT talking about menu. Master scolds them. David says to master don’t think about them. Master mocks him. David mocks him back. Tiwari enter and start talking. Tillu mocks him along with him everyone disrespect him. Teeka ask Tiwari to bring aloo Paratha. Tiwari scolds him. Angoori enter the class and greet everyone and ask them to sit, today I’ll teach you about geometry. Teeka ask her what is geometry. Master says yes good question and you will teach us about triangle. Angoori says no I’ll teach you about geometry only. Vibhu appreciate her for her answer on bluetooth. Saxena says okay then tell us what us geometry. Vibhuti says the answer and she repeat the wrong defination. Master says to Saxena are you seeing she is calling mathamatics as mythology. Tiwari says to himself she will ruin everything. Angoori says the definition. Saxena says to Master she cannot say alphabet properly how can she says english so well. David praise Angoori and mocks Tiwari. Tiwari shouts shutup. Angoori beat him with stick and says to students please ask your question. Master says I’ll ask. Tillu and Teeka mocks him and says we also have important question. Angoori says yes TMT ask your question. Teeka ask what have you cook today. Everyone praise him. Angoori says I have cooked paneer, halwa roti. Master says I want to ask questions for geometry and you are talking about food. Tillu says we are poor, moon and sun are also like chapati for us. David mocks Tillu. Angoori shouts and make them quite and says who behave like this in class. Saxena says I have question if the largest angle in a triangle is 70° then what is thw possibilities of least angle in a triangle. Master says good question. David says you fool what are you asking. Vibhu says to Angoori act like you are thinking till that time I’ll search the answer, stall him till that time. Angoori laugh and says this is a good question. Vibhu says listen to me carefully I’ll tell. Angoori repeat the answer. Everyone in shock. Saxena says you are right. Everyone start chearing for her.TMT having food. Vibhu near by sleeping on chair. Angoori give them halwa and try to wake Vibhu. Vibhu says I was awake whole night. David mocks Vibhu. Vibhu says let me sleep David. Tiwari walks to Angoori and aks what is going on. Angoori says I’m giving them food. Tiwari scold her and says to TMT here are your 2000rs each and this id for only today. Tillu says we talk to Vibhu for one month and we will not go before that. Malkhan says you should feel ashamed we are sitting here and not doing our work. David ask them what work you have. Tillu says don’t in between and ask Vibhu to wake up. Vibhu says don’t shout. Malkhan says we had deal for one month and Tiwari is saying only for one day. Vibhu says to Tiwari what is thw problem you said work is of one month. Tiwari says I said of one day. Angoori says he must have said it by mistake. Tillu says to Angoori we don’t know that we got a word for one month. Teeka says no problem we will go give us money for one month to eat. Malkhan says we are getting 2000 per person so calculate how much we will get for one month in total. Tillu says 1,80,000rs. Angoori says to Tiwari yes give them. Tiwari ask Vibhu to give. Vibhuti wake up says why I’ll give, grant is been given to Angoori and you are fooling people why I’ll give. Tillu says to Tiwari who is fooling people. David says Tiwari is fooling you people. Tiwari says I’ll take 2000 also from you go from here. Tillu says I won’t let you live peacefully and they all say bye Angoori we are leaving. Tiwari walks to Vibhu and ask tell me what’s the plan. Vibhuti says go from here let me sleep.Master, Gupta and Saxena near tea stall. Gupta says to them why don’t you go to senior. Master says when junior is worst think how senior will be. Master says senior will have solution for this junior Babu, Gupta says and I have heard senior Babu is very honest, Tea seller says yes I know he comes to have tea here, his father had tea from my father but no one recognises us.Precaps:Anu asks Vibhu why is he sleeping what did he do all night. David says ask him that. Anu says I am asking him.Update Credit to: Tanaya

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