Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 30th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Angoori’s honesty worries Tiwari

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 30th March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.comSaxena and Master at Tiwari’s house. Happu, Tiwari and Babu come out of room. Babu says good bye to Tiwari. Master near him ask Babu do you recognise me. Babu says no I didn’t recognise you. Master says I’ll complaint against you yo your senior. Saxena says to Babu you have to pay for this we will rasie our voice. Happu takes Babu with him out. Angoori walks to them. Tiwari says to her please serve food. Angoori yes why jot and will mix some poision in it eat it and sleep, I have heard everything and leaves.Angoori and Tiwari in room. Angoori says you are trying to make me cheater. Tiwari says it’s not cheating you have to teach illiterate people. Angoori says how will teach I don’t remember anything. Tiwari says you don’t need to teach them you have to act infront of some government officials. Angoori says I don’t understand what you want I need to teach or act. Tiwari says these people who come are goverment officials and he was my relatives who helped me to get grant for you and give you opportunity. Angoori says when I’m uneducated then how can I teach them. Tiwari says I have managed so much to get grant for you and even PhD degree for you. Angoori says when did I get the degree. Tiwari says this need to be shown. Angoori says you are trying to fraud people I won’t do this. Tiwari says if don’t listen to me It won’t be good I swear you on me.Next morning. Tiwari in garden watering plants. Vibhu see Tiwari and says please don’t sing and second you are scaring plants. Tiwari says what are you saying. Vibhuti says how dare you giving water to plants call her where she is. Tiwari says she is busy with some other work and listen carefully because of this behaviour you may loose a chance to earn money. Vibhuti says what kind of chance. Tiwari mocks. Vibhuti mocks him back and says come to the point. Tiwari says you have to teach Angoori and I’ll pay for that. Vibhuti says you can’t buy me. Tiwari says okay then let her rot in jail. Vibhu says no I won’t let her go to jail I’ll teach her tell me what to do. Tiwari says come in fast.Malkhan and Tillu in there house crying and packing bag. Malkhan says at 1:35 goods train will pass by. Vibhuti walks to them says why are you going to rob that goods train. Tillu says we are not that mad that we will think about robing. Malkhan says to him we will leave this city forever nothing is left for us here. Vibhuti says if I do arrangements of food and shelter for one month for you and 2000rs per day then what you will say. Tillu says who is that mad who will do this for us. Vibhu says Tiwari will do. Malkhan says to Tillu pack your bag fast. Vibhu says listen to me this time Angoori has got grant for teaching, you have to just go and sit as students and you have to ask questions what I’ll tell, it’s simple and clear. Tillu says take out you clothes to Malkhan and ask Vibhu can we get caught. Vibhuti says there are many boys waiting. Tillu says we are ready.David wit Anu in hall. Anu brings breakfast. David says what are you doing I’ll have less breakfast today. Anu takes the plate says this is mine, before this you already had 9 sandwich and you say it’s less. David says I use to have 20 sandwiches in breakfast. Anu in shock and ask where does it go. David tells him about his field and says a poem. Vibhu get’s a call from Anu and ask him when are you coming home. Vibhuti says I’ll be there in sometime and disconnects call. David says his poem again. Anu says have this sandwich and leaves.Angoori and Vibhuti together in hall. Vibhu with mic says these can blow people mind. Angoori ask is that a bomb. Vibhuti says no its Bluetooth mic. Angoori try to take it’s name properly. Tiwari walks and ask Vibhuti how is everything going. Angoori says Vibhu is trying to tell me something about Bluetooth. Tiwari says tell her things which are important. Tiwari gets call from Agrawal. Vibhu ask him to go away and says to Angoori this is a device insert in your ear and connect it with your phone. Angoori says so when someone will call me then I can listen through this. Vibhu says you are smart and ask her to insert in her ears. Vibhu says now I’ll connect my device too and tell me can you hear me. Angoori says yes I can hear. Vibhuti start flirting with her and start telling her history about Bluetooth and saying nonsense to her and ask her to say I love you on bluetooth device. Angoori says I love you. Vibhuti get’s lost in his imagination. Tiwari come and says I love you too. Vibhuti says I have told her everything she can manage now. Tiwari gets call from someone. Vibhuti send him and ask Angoori to do mic testing again.Malkhan, Tillu,, Teeka David at Tiwari’s lawn. Tiwari welcome them in his tution. Tillu mocks Tiwari. Teeka ask Tiwari what is in menu. Master and Saxena watching them from outside. Tiwari says to them you came here to get education. Tillu says to Tiwari, Vibhu told us that we will get food to eat. Tiwari says yes you will get. Malkhan says and what about 2000rs. Tiwari says this Vibhu send all the beggar here. David says he is calling you beggar. Teeka says I cannot tolerate that we are students. David mocks him. Tillu says to David your Vibhu ask us to come that’s why we came. Angoori walks in. Everyone greet her. Angoori greet them back. Vibhu in his room listening everything through bluetooth. Angoori ask them to sit down and says today’s topic is hindi alphabets. Master says to Saxena are you watching this. Saxena says yes I can see and hear everything. Master says if we want to see everything with a close look so why don’t we became students. Saxena says nice idea and walks to Angoori says may I come in. Vibhuti on bluetooth says to Angoori Saxena and Master are there scold them in english and ask her to repeat after him. Angoori scold them in english. Everyone claps for her. Master and Saxena sit-down. Vibhu says to Angoori now you have to introduce everyone in english. Angoori introduces herself in english and pronounce word wrongly and ask David to introduce himself. David introduce himself after him TMT does the same. Vibhu ask Angoori to ask Saxena and Master. Saxena and Master introduce themselves. Angoori start teaching everyone. Everyone fools around. David make fun of Tiwari. Tiwari ask Angoori to continue. Vibhuti ask Angoori to say to Tiwari you nonsense why are you create noise pollution in my class, if you won’t shut your mouth I’ll throw you out of class. Angoori repeat after him and everyone applauds for her english. Master says to Saxena if we are here then lets ask a question. Saxena says if you want you can go ahead. Master ask Angoori who invented zero. Angoori numb. Vibhuti says to her say Aryabhatta. Angoori says Aryabhatta. Master sit-down and says to Saxena did you see. Saxena says yes I can see but how is she giving answers. Saxena get up and says to Angoori I have a question how many bones are there in human body.PreCapNoneUpdate Credit to: Tanaya

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