Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 2nd May 2022 Written Episode Update: Angoori and Tiwari scares Vibhu

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 2nd May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Angoori in garden Vibhu walks to her, greet her and start flirting with her and says you are standing here alone it’s so dangerous, didn’t you hear about new criminal Saiya psycho he plant’s bomb in anyone’s house. Angoori says yes Tiwari told me about Saiya Psycho and I’m scared from these people. Vibhu says don’t worry I’m here. Angoori ask are you in bomb squad. Vibhu flirt with her again and start bragging about himself. Tiwari standing behind him listing and burst a polythene. Vibhu get’s scared. Tiwari and Angoori laughing. Tiwari says it was me. Vibhu says what nonsense is this. Angoori mocks him and they both laughing at him.

Tiwari in hall smiling says to Angoori did you see Vibhu’s face it was fun. Angoori says you look happy, you are like my Samaan fufaji from Dhanbad he is also naughty and you know he use to love me a lot. Tiwari says you didn’t tell me about him, let me talk to him. Angoori ask for diary and says handle with care he only need respect, if someone try to disrespect him he gets angry and calls him says guess who is talking. Fufaji says it’s you Angoori. Angoori says listen me, my husband wants to talk to you. Fufaji scolding someone and says to Tiwari tell me how are you and give him blessings. Tiwari says I feel like meeting you. Fufaji says sure I’ll come if you are calling me, I’ll start my packing and disconnects call.

Angoori at door see Vibhu is coming inside, she hides behind door and scare him. Vibhu get’s scared badly and start crying. Angoori ask why are you crying. Vibhu flirt with her says I won’t come to you and I’ll go far away, please take care of Anu. Angoori apologies to him. Vibhu start laughing says prank me so that people will laugh. Angoori says but you were emotional. Vibhu says I was joking and wish her world laughter day.

Rusa in market with TMT. Rusa having ice gola. Tillu amd Malkhan getting jealous of ice gola. Rusa says you should also have. Teeka says it’s good. Rusa says I’m done and ask them to pay. Teeka and Malkhan ask Tillu to pay. Tillu says I don’t have change. Vendor says don’t worry I have. TMT start arguing. Rusa shouts at them says I was here because of you stop fighting and pay him. Vendor mocks them and says don’t worry Rusa it’s on me for today pay me next time. Rusa disrespect them and leave. Teeka and Malkhan mocks Tillu and says you should have money because you work. Tillu says he don’t pay my salary. Malkhan trigger him against Tiwari. Tillu says don’t worry I’ll do something.

Vibhu in his house reading newspaper. Angoori sitting near him. Vibhu remove newspaper and ask Angoori what are you doing here, when did you come tell me what can I do for you. Angoori says today I’ll do something for you, she get up and ask him to close eyes and she burst a balloon. Vibhu get’s scared and run in kitchen. Angoori scare him there too, he ruj in bedroom and she does the same, Vibhu in hall says I’m not a scared cat. Prem walks to him and ask what happen to you. Vibhu looks for Angoori. Prem ask why are you so scared. Vibhu says Tiwari insulted me infront of Angoori. Prem ask what you are going to do. Vibhu says I need your help.

Saxena in market standing with a sign of use me. Tiwari walks and ask him what are you doing. Saxena says I started a new campaign USE ME. Tiwari ask why have you started this campaign. Saxena says I want to tell people that I have started a new campaign for helping people, if you or someone else ness any help then you can think of me. Tiwari says go from here. Saxena mocks him. Tiwari slaps him and he leaves. TMT come with stick. Tillu says your bad has started. Teeka scare him. Tillu says if you want to be fine then pay my salary of 6 months i.e 50,000/- or else I won’t leave you. Tiwari says you have stolen material of more then 50,000/- I won’t pay you salary. Tillu says I think so he won’t pay salary so let’s charge. Happu walks in between and slap TMT and ask what happen to you trying to become goons. Tiwari scared says you came on right time, they were about to hut me and Tillu is there leader, he cane with two more people to hit me. Happu scolds them. Tillu says he is not paying my salary from 6 months. Happu says if Tiwari is not giving you your salary then report me I’ll help you. Tillu says you are corrupt. Happu says you are trying to be smart and start slapping him. Malkhan and Teeka run away.

Angoori in hall. Vibhu walks in disguised as carpenter. Angoori askw ho send you here. Vibhu says Tiwari send me here, he told me to repair all the wooden furniture in house. Angoori says everything is fine in my house. Vibhu says the chair looks tilted, you should get up so that I can show you. Angoori says okay. Vibhu sit on chair and says see it looks tilted from left side if leg. Angoori says you are great Janemun. Vibhu says please give me cup of tea and I’ll repair everything. Angoori says okay I’ll get it and she leaves. Vibhu take out bomb and plant it below chair. Angoori walks in and says can you come with me bedroom, I have an urgent work. Vibhu says you leave I’ll come.

Angoori ask him to come close. Vibhu says I’m okay tell me what is the problem. Angoori show him the problem.


Update Credit to: Tanaya

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