Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 1st April 2022 Written Episode Update: Teeka and Friends expose Angoori

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 1st April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.comVibhu riding David’s back. David says we reached your home. Vibhuti says I’m liking it. David throw him on sofa. Vibhu says what you did. David says I don’t have contract of giving you piggy ride go sleep in your bedroom. Vibhu don’t you have sense how to talk to kids. David says don’t talk rubbish and you are not a kid anymore, just go and sleep in your bedroom. Vibhuti says no I’ll not go I’m scared of Anu and ask do your get scared after seein Chachi. David says not I’m not scared. Vibhu and David talk rubbish and Vibhu says I’m sleeping here and please get blanket. David saya okay.Master, Gupta and Saxena in Seniors office and greet him. Senior officer says don’t waste my time in greetings come to point. Saxena says someone stole our grant. Gupta says people below you have grant to people who are illiterate. Officer says how is that possible, it can be lie. Master says you can doubt Gupta but I can vouch for me and Saxena. Gupta whispers to Master how can you say that. Saxena says he is saying after seeing your track record. Officer says I’ll come and see from my own eyes only then I’ll believe. Saxena says I want to ask something how did you get your name Bade Babu. He gets up take out a file and says tell me what you were asking. Saxena says we got our answer and they leave.David and Vibhu in hall. David make a drink and ask Vibhu to join but Vibhu sleeping. Anu walks in hall while talking on phone and hungs up she looks at them and says to David atleast see the time it’s afternoon. David says I start in London too. Anu ask where is your nephew. David says here he is sleeping. Why is he sleeping her, he could go in bedroom and why is he sleeping in afternoon. David says ask him only. Anu wake him up and askw hat you did whole night that you are sleeping in afternoon. David says he did a big job. Anu ask him about the work and try to wake him up and says why are you sleeping. David says when a person dosent sleep in night then he sleep in afternoon. Anu try to ask many questions to Vibhu, but David give reply of all answers. Anu get’s angry scolds him and walk away.Angoori in hall. Tiwari walks to her says why are you still awake go sleep it’s late night, you look in tension. Angoori says I’m getting anxious I cannot do this anymore. Tiwari says not need to fear keep some self confidence in you. Angoori says how can I keep self-confidence in feel like I’m cheating with people. Tiwari says these things are normal in business. Saxena and Master walks in. Saxena says yes things work in business. Master says but uf these things happen in studies then it’s a sin. Saxena and monster of sin always follow ypu. Tiwari says what are you talking you are scaring my wife you mean my wife is fraud. Angoori ask them am I fraud. Master says no you are not fraud bhabhiji you are like goddess but you are been trapped. Angoori ask who is trapping me. Saxena says your husband. Tiwari ask what do you want. Saxena says Bade Babu is coming to interview Angoori. Tiwari gets scared.Tiwari in Vibhuti’s house try yo wake him up. Vibhu shouts let me sleep. Tiwari says get up Bade Babubis coming to take interview of Angoori. Vibhu wakes up and says first ask David to get up. Tiwari walks to David and he sleeps again. David says ask Vibhu to wake up and they both start playing with Tiwari. Tiwari shouts okay don’t get up if tomorrow Angoori will go to jail I’ll say Vibhu was sleeping that’s why you are going to jail. They both wake up. David whispers to Vibhu what if your wife come and tell him plan. Tiwari shouts come fast and they leave.Tillu and Malkhan in market. Tillu says to Malkhan I have digested all the food. Malkhan saye and money landlord took from us. Tillu and Malkhan talking about being hungry. Tillu says I think someone will come and take information from us in exchange of 10,000/-. Malkhan pray to god. Master and Saxena walks to them and talking about getting excited after seeing something. Malkhan says to Saxena what if we show you something excited so what we will get. Master says we will give you alcohol and chicken..tillu says we need something more for this information. Saxena ask what info you got. Tillu says pay us 10,000/- we will give you info. Saxena ask Master to give him. Master says when I’ll get grant I’ll give you. Malkhan says first money then info. Saxena give him money and says now give the information. Tillu says information is that Angoori gives all the answers that too in english is having a secret. Malkhan says and the secret is in next room Vibhu sits with Bluetooth and they both tell how they coordinate. Saxena says this means Vibhu give the answer through bluetooth.Master Tiwari and Angoori out in garden in Tiwari’s house. Angoori says why Bade Babu didn’t come till yet where is he. Master says he must be busy somewhere. Bade Babu outside house shouts is this Tiwari’s house. Master says yes this is the house. He enters and sit down and says only teacher will give answer because I don’t like people who talk too much. Tiwari says I’m not saying anything it’s only you who is talking. They get into argument and Angoori also join them. Angoori says can you start with interview and repeat what Vibhu say to her on bluetooth. Bade Babu whispers to Master you were saying she is illiterate, listen to me carefully if you are wrong then I’ll fire you fron your job. Bade Babu ask her question on bernoulli’s principle. Angoori talk about Bareli. Vibhu says don’t says anything say what I’ll ask you to repeat. Bade Babu start shouting at Angoori. Saxena put knife on Vibhus neck and ask him to say, Barely and Bernoulli’s are one and same thing. Vibhu says the same and Angoori repeat after him. Bade Babu start scolding her. Vibhu reapt what Saxena ask him to say and same way Angoori also repeat. Bade Babu says it’s cheating this lady is uneducated this proves her mental status. Saxena walks out with Vibhu and says to Bade Babu, bhabhi is innocent these two are the culprit Vibhu and Tiwari, Tiwari is the real culprit. Bade Babu says I already had a doubt in him. Vibhu says to Bade Babu Tiwari made me do it. Bade Babu ask who all are involved. Tiwari says Babu and inspector Happu Singh. Bade Babu says okay except this lady send everyone to jail. Saxena praise Bade Babu and says I request you to give them penalty not physical punishment. He says okay they have to pay 5lakh Rs which will add in this grant and I’ll give this grant to the deserving one. Vibhu says to bade Babu I’m poor since childhood I have 5rs do you want.TMT in market. Tillu says I’m feeling hungry opening a pack of biscuit. Malkhan says I’m also hungry please give me biscuit too. Tillu says uf you are hungry then go and buy one for you. Teeka says if Beggar is asking them give him. Malkhan start snatching from him and in snatching he drop that packet inside a closed shop. Tillu and Malkhan start fighting. Teeka see two packets came out of shop he slaps them and says one packet went inside and two came out. Everyone in shock. Malkhan throw two packets inside and 4 came out. They get excited and throw 4 packet and get 8 packets. Teeka says this is good. Tillu says I’m going to experiment something and throw 50rs inside. 100rs come out and they get excited after seeing that. Teeka also do that. Malkhan says uf you want to earn more then throw more money inside. They all take out there money and throw there money inside. A note come out. Tillu reads it says April fool is written on that. A man whistles to them show them there money and run away. TMT start crying.PreCapVibhu and Tiwari discussing about there wife. Angoori and Anu listen them.Anu and Angoori discussing. Angoori says we need to teach them something this time. Anu says yes we have to show what happen when women use there brain. Angoori ask do you have any idea. Anu says yes.Update Credit to: Tanaya

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