Barrister Babu— 21st Century Version (Chapter 8)


Ten days were enough for someone to learn a lot many things. At least they were, for Bondita. In the ten days that she had till now spent at the campus, she had learned that hostel life was not so bad after all. And had also learned that the world was full of friendly and generous people.

But she had also learnt some unpleasant things. For instance, the fact that hostel food was most certainly, NOT delicious. It was an absolute horror. And even though many people were sweet and friendly, some were no less than a horrid nightmare.

In these ten days, contact with her mother had been very scarce, thanks to the strict rules of the campus. And she was badly missing her Maa; her warmth; her affection; her love; their sweet conversations.

She missed her Sampoorna Didi. How they always rescued each other from tricky situations; the mischiefs that they committed together. Even though she was her cousin, she was no less than her own elder sister. They were sisters, they were friends; they were crime partners. She missed her and her Maa a lot.

But, she was coping with it, very well.

Her friendship with Mimi had been blossoming each day, since the first time that they met. Bondita discovered, that Mimi was not weird, as it may seem. Rather, she was very imaginative and unique. She wasn’t different from others in a negative way. She just had a whole new, fresh and different perspective and outlook about the world.

And of course she couldn’t forget her best online friend. Her Barrister Babu, with whom, she chatted whenever she got time. They still didn’t know each other’s names or how the other looked. Yet, they just KNEW each other. They had a deep bond, by now.

He had become her Sakha Babu. And she gladly accepted being his Sakhi. That’s what they addressed each other as. By now, it felt like they were long lost friends who knew each other very well.

The only thing that bothered her, was that she had been performing poorly in classes. Roy Chowdhury sir had even alerted her to be more conscious and attentive in classes. But her mind just kept diverting into silly things. She was an average student. But now, she performed poorly, even by her standards.

Right now, Bondita was looking out of a window near a corridor. She noticed that some boys were preparing for something in the campus field. Looking closely, she realised that they were getting the field ready for a game of football.

Her eyes sparked. She loved playing football!

Bondita sprinted down the corridors excitedly, bumping into someone or the other, and offering them a quick apology. She finally stopped as she reached the field.

The teams were being prepared, and Bondita went forward.

“I want to participate!”, she stated excitedly.

“What? We are playing football, here!”, one of the boys said. He looked like a senior.

“Yes. I know. And I love playing football! Let me participate”.

“But you’re a girl!”

“So what?”, Bondita asked, challengingly.

“Girls mainly don’t play football! And even if they do play, you can’t! You are too fragile and short”, one of the boys said.

“Who told you that? Where’s it written? In our Constitution? Are you the writer of ‘Football Rulebook’? Who said girls can’t, or don’t play football? I certainly can! What’s my height got to do with kicking a football? How do you conclude, that I’m fragile and weak? It’s fine if you believe that I can’t play. But I deserve a chance”, Bondita argued back.

“Ok, yes. You do have the right to a chance. So, you ready to play? I’m telling you, you can go if you want to”, said one of the boys.

“Why would I want to go? Who told I would go? What gives you the idea that I can’t play? And…”

“OK!! We get the idea! Stop your barrage of questions”.

“No! Why should I stop asking questions? Isn’t it my right? You don’t want to answer, so don’t! But I’ll ask any questions that come to my mind”, Bondita stated, her chin up, in defiance.

“And why do you need to ask questions? And why now? You can ask them later!”, asked one of the boys.

“Why should I ask questions later, instead of now? I want to know something. So I ask a question! And whatever comes to my mind, I say right away! I don’t wait for the perfect time”, Bondita shot back.

She had rendered them speechless once again. They sighed and shook their heads.

When finally, she got a chance to display her skills in football, she simultaneously scored three goals out of five.

The others were in awe of her. Bondita merely shrugged as they applauded and appreciated her.

“Ok! I’ve got to do my homework. Goodbye! Call me for the next game!”, Bondita said and ran off.

She’d tell her Sakha Babu about this. He always motivated her so much.


“Pishi, how I wish Bondita was here, too. She would be more excited than me”, Sampoorna said gloomily.

“But if you are so gloomy and dull on your first ever official date, would that make Bondita happy, Sampoorna?”, Sumati asked her niece.

“No, Pishi. I AM excited. It’s just… It’s just that I wish she was here. We would chat all night long, discussing about how the date went”, Sampoorna said, blushing.

Her Pishi chuckled. “Okay. Now, aren’t you getting late for your date?”

Sampoorna gasped. “Gosh! I have to be there in ten minutes, or I’m late!”.

As soon as she reached the café, she looked around for Saurav. But he was nowhere to be found. She frowned and chose a table to sit at.

Suddenly she felt a hand on her shoulder. She whipped around to find Saurav standing there, grinning and holding out a single rose.

“We meet at the café everyday. So, I thought that…since…you know…today it’s the first official date, I thought we should select a different location”, he said.

“Then why did you ask me to come to the café?”, she asked.

“Oh! I wanted to keep it a surprise, actually. So… Shall we, my Lady?”, he asked standing up and bowing mockingly, and forwarded his hand for Sampoorna to take.

“Yes, my Lord, we shall”, she said taking his hand and both burst out into silent giggles.


‘Why hasn’t Sakha Babu replied to my messages yet?’, Bondita thought dully, as she sat at the immense empty area near the exit gate of the campus.

She had a book, a copy and a pen in her hand, but her mind was somewhere else. And her eyes always drifted towards the mobile kept on the side.

“Bondita”, someone called from behind, and she nearly jumped, her book, pen and copy fell out of her hands.

She quickly picked them up, when someone sat beside her on the floor. She looked to the side, to find Roy Chowdhury sir seated beside her.

“Oh! Hello! Good afternoon sir! What’s up?”, she asked cheerfully. She expected him to answer with similar enthusiasm, but, he didn’t.

He just stared at her and asked, “Bondita, why?”.

She looked at him, as if he’d gone crazy. “What do you mean why? What, why? What did I do?”, she asked in absolute confusion.

“What did you do?! Why don’t you concentrate on your studies, properly? You have chosen the subjects for law, if I’m not wrong. And you have capabilities. I saw you arguing with that lady that day and I saw you at the field today. You can question, you can argue. You would make a good lawyer or barrister”, he said waving his hands madly.

“Barrister”, Bondita said in a low voice.


“I said… I want to be a barrister”, she said, thinking about her Barrister Babu a.k.a. Sakha Babu at that moment.

“That’s great!”, Anirudh exclaimed happily.

“But for that you have to study well, Bondita. You are diligent. You are doing average. But you have more potential. You have the capacity to do better. But you’re not giving your hundred percent! Why?!”

“I am doing as best as I could, sir”, Bondita argued back.

“No, Bondita. You’re not going convince me. Today evening, you are going to come into my cabin. I have an assignment for you, which you’ll have to complete. Understand?”, he asked sternly.


“No buts and ifs. I can see the talent and potential in you. I just have to enhance it. And I’ll do my best! And for that, you must cooperate. So, do as I say”, he said, and without another word, left from there, leaving Bondita more confused than ever.

‘This man is crazy!’, she thought, as she sat there shaking her head in frustration.

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