Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai Written Update of 6th April 2022:- Movie Plan by Bittu and Party

Shanti and Sakeena informs their children that they shall return soon, have food🍔🥙🍱, rest and don’t trouble your elders. Inaam inquires about dress and durbin, but sakeena scolds him. Both goes, while children disucss that we need to stay alret due to elders.

Shanti and Sakeena goes to their shops, start looking for carrom club. Shanti and Sakeena goes other lane and finds everyone playing carrom. Sakeena checks using durbin that they are having cold-drink🍹. Shanti and Sakeena gets happy☺️ that their husbands character are clean and goes back.

Ramesh and Zafar win all matches of carrom. Zafar says he won many games since childhood. Pappu asks to close game as they are not enjoying. Ramesh says you are losing so you are not enjoying. Pappu-Bittu deny that winning and lossing is part of game, but we shall watch movie, rather than playing more.
Ramesh and Zafar deny that we shall not watch movie as we took 1 hour permission to play carrom.
Bittu shows movie trailer, shocking😱 everyone.

At home Sakeena and Shanti praises their husbands sweetness and innoceness. They get happy☺️ sakeena and shanti give them leg massage, too much Ramesh and Zafar surprise😱.
Both husbands think🤔 that their wives are happy☺️, and asks permission to watch movie, but before they get permission, shanti and sakeena had already slept💤.

Next day Shanti- Sakeena fight for asking Paro to work at their home first. Paro denies stating that she is hurt, as her husband was cheating. Paro asks for coffee☕, and tell that her husband went to watch that type of movie, and she beaten him.
Paro asks them to keep watch on Ramesh and Zafar.

At market Pappy and Party enjoy movie songs. Zafar and Ramesh asks them to help them in watching movie. Bittu agrees.

Precap:- Bittu and Pappu asks permission from Shanti and Sakeena to allow Ramesh and Zafar to attend men party.
Ramesh and Zafar gets happy with Bittu plan.
Shanti and Sakeena decides to catch them red handed.

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