Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai Written Update of 5th April 2022: Shanti Sakeena allows to play Carrom

Episode starts with Ramesh and Zafar discussing how sakeena and shanti denied their carrom play. Zafar and Ramesh plans to play carrom and enjoy their alone time, by making their wives decide for them.

Next day Zafar asks Sakeena about his dress and Ramesh asks about his bath plans. Shanti and Sakeena get irritated😒 by Zafar and Ramesh behivour. Shanti And Sakeena catches their plan and says that shall not allow them to play carrom.
Zafar and Ramesh says we shall follow every order given by Shanti and Sakeena.
Shanto asks Ramesh to get blad and Sakeena orders not to have anything whole day. They both agree.
Ramesh gets Scold by Masterji for thinking🤔 for going blad even he is alive.

Zafar and Ramesh discuss that how their wives will be in troubled by their behaviour and shall give us permission to play carrom. Zafar calls📱 Sakeena about sugar in tea. Ramesh calls📱Shanti asking about paan. They both enjoy😂 but shanti and sakeena gets angry😡 by their behaviour.
Ramesh and Zafar laughs😂😂 stating they will be giving us permission to play carrom.

Shanti and Sakeena disucss about Ramesh and Zafar trouble, and they will not give permission at all. Master ji says don’t be stubborn, and give permission. Ammi says you are lucky to have such husbands. Sakeena and Shanti says if this is having luck, than what is bad luck.
Ammi and Master ji asks them to give permission👍🏻.
Shanti and Sakeena agrees.

At night Sakeena and Shanti give permission finally. Thought they deny so Sakeena and Shanti says don’t go. But Zafar and Ramesh agrees to go to play carrom from today itself. Shanti and Sakeena gets shocked😱 by their behaviour.

Ramesh and Zafar goes to play carrom. Pappu asks them to go home, otherwise their wives will come, but Ramesh says no will come. Zafar says we ordered our wives that we are humans not animals, and they get scared😱 and agreed. Bittu says you must be scared😱 after that speech and all laugh😂.
Ramesh and Zafar Says we had pact that when their relatives come, we act as scared😱 and when our relatives come they act as scared😱.
Zafar and Ramesh says now this 60 minutes are ours alone.
They all play carrom.

Later they all start having drinks🍺 and behave badly with girls, and getting beaten by police, Shanti and Sakeena gets up seeing this dream.
Zafar and Ramesh comes and Shanti and Sakeena tries to check them if they had drink🍺 or not. They both goes to sleep💤, while Shanti and Sakeena stays doubtful🤔.

Next day Sakeena watches show which says that get ready to doubt🤔 if your husbands are happy☺️ now a days. She calls Shanti as well. They both disucss that what if they are wrong to give them permission to play carrom and they were too much happy☺️. They think🤔 to find about their happiness plan.

Precap:- Shanti and Sakeena sees them playing carrom and goes back. Bittu and party goes to watch movie. Paro inform Shanti and Sakeena that to keep husbands in control, and men are going regularly to watch movie now a days.

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