Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai Written Update of 11th April 2022:- Bittu and Party arrives to stay in Haveli

Episode starts with Bittu, Pappu, Kodde, BBC and Majnu are sitting sad😔. Zafar and Ramesh try to ask, but none reply. When they are about to leave, than bittu tell don’t leave us. Zafar and Ramesh jokes😂 on bittu.
Everyone one by one reply about their sadness😔. Bittu says that they need to leave their house as order given by municpal co-operation. Now we shall need to sleep💤 on road.
Zafar says we shall help you by giving you cloth for sleep💤 and live by side on road. Ramesh scolds him, stating its wrong, asks Majnu to go with Masterji, to go with him to have dead bodies clothes and leave using them at Shamshan ghat.
Kodde scolds that what if get caught by ghosts👻.
Bittu, Pappu, BBC, Ashiq, Majnu and Koode asks and requests🙏🏻 them let us stay in haveli. Ramesh and Zafar agrees but says let us ask our families members.

Ramesh and Zafar inform them, Shanti and Sakeena says its impossible, as Haveli is so small. Ramesh and Zafar says that they were in trouble and they are our friends and neighbours. Shanti and Sakeena agrees👍🏻.
Ramesh informs that smile Shanti and Sakeena agreed.
Bittu Pappu praises Them.
Everyone create confusion who will stay where. Ashiq and Majnu says we shall stay with Ramesh and Zafar.
Bittu says Koode, Manju and Pappu will stay with Ramesh and rest with Zafar.

At night Zafar is shown sleeping with Bittuz BBC and Ashiq and get into trouble. Ramesh is also in trouble due to Pappu, Majnu and koode. In sleep💤 Majnu bad mouth about Ramesh, and ramesh slaps👋🏻 manju for bad mouthing about him.
Zafar and Ramesh get into trouble.

Zafar goes in Children room and find Sakeena sleeping💤 he get romantic🥰 and take into kitchen, but sakeena is in deep sleep. Zafar sprinkle water💦, and states that I saw you and I am feeling to romance🥰.
Ashiq comes in sleep💤 and slap👋🏻 Zafar, stating its about to rain💦 and goes again. Zafar and Sakeena gets shocked😱.

Next day everyone stands in washroom line and get into trouble, and fight for using washroom.

Precap:- Ramesh and Zafar request Shanti and Sakeena to work in house in presence of Bittu and party.
Later at night everyone decides to throw bittu and party out of haveli.
Bittu and pappu hears and says we have plan B.

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