Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha hai Written Update Episode of 15th April 2022:- Mishra and Mirza leaves haveli

Episode starts with Ramesh and Zafar getting angry😡 for making their house as bar. Bittu asks them to enjoy as well, but they both deny and tries to stop them, but rest beat both of them. Ashiq and Majnu feels bad😔. Pappu says you are only 2 people, and we are so many. Bittu in drunken state confesses that we are send as we took money so that Mirza and Mishra leave haveli, he asks them to leave. Pappu says leave lucknow and we shall ask aggarwal builders to give you money and house.
Ramesh, Zafar cries😭, while Majnu, BBC, Ashiq, Koode too feel bad😔 and almost cries😢

Sakeena and Shanti dicuss that now music🎶 is stopped. Suddenly songs🎶 play, while Ramesh and Zafar comes injured. Noor Ammi, Masterji, and all children arrives, disucss that all this is done by Bittu and Pappu, I shall complaint in police. Ramesh and Zafar says we are at fault, we tried to be good, but now we are suffering. Noor Ammi says its not your fault, you did everything to help them. Shanti says we should do something.
Ramesh and Zafar says we can’t do anything, as they cheated us in name of agreement, legally we can’t do anything. Zafar says all this drama is not good for children future, so we shall leave this haveli and we shall shift in flat.
Children says why should we leave our haveli and stay on rent, when haveli is ours.
Mishra and Mirza families decides to leave.
Songs🎶 plays again.

Next day, Mirza and Mishra are ready with their luggage to leave haveli, and remember their time spend in haveli, everyone gets sad😔 and cries😢
Bittu, Pappu, Koode, BBC, Majnu and Ashiq comes and Mirza and Mishra leave haveli.

At night Pappu and Bittu gets happy☺️ thinking🤔 our dream is fulfilled, now haveli is ours and later we shall get money💶. Ashiq, Majnu, BBC and Koode feel bad😔 that we didn’t do it right, but Bittu says you shall forget everything when you will get money💶. Bittu says I am feeling bad😔 but its life truth that once loss is others benefit.

Suddenly doors starting slamming, everyone get terrified😱. Majnu says wheb old haveli is captured by wrong method, ghosts👻 attack. Bittu and Pappu makes funs, suddenly light goes. When koode tries to light candle, he sees ghost👻 and get terrified😨.
Pappu says we are 6 people only. Pappu lights candle and see ghosts👻. They all tries to run, but smoke troubles them. They run out and find old man, stating I am grandfather of Zafar. Bittu says its joke. Grandfather says to bittu that you are ompraksh son’s. Bittu says talk with respect, I am not scared😨, he trouble him, when grandfather holds him.
Bittu gets scared😨 asking for forgivness. Bittu confesses everything, and runs out after biting him.
Mishra and Mirza families come out and laughs😆. Masterji praises Majnu and Ashiq for their help. Grandfather turns out to be Zafar
Ramesh and Zafar praises Majnu and Ashiq for their help and idea to get back haveli.

Precap:- bittu and party plays cricket. Bittu and Ramesh decides to play cricket and bet their houses.

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