Anupama 7th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Anupama Tries To Boost Toshu’s Morale

Anupama 7th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Paritosh recall his friends taunting him that he has 2 fathers. Anupama walks to him and asks if he is fine, is he hurt much, she knows he is angry on her and doesn’t even want to see her face. He asks if he knows, then why did she come here. She says because she is a mother. He says he knows she hates him. She says a mother can never hate her child; she can understand how it feels when one loses a job, but he shouldn’t worry as he is talented and hard working; everyone is with him including her. She continues that he is stuck between Mr Shah and Mukku’s fight, he should move on with his hard work and talent. She offers him milk to heal his wounds. He asks what about the internal wounds and says if she really cared for him, this situation wouldn’t have arisen; she should apply milk’s haldi/turmeric on her hands instead. He asks her to let him be silent or else he may say something and then fight with Kinjal. She leaves keeping milk on the table.

Malvika jokes with Anuj that he found a good trick to bring his sister back, he knew that his sister would come back dancing if he is marrying. Anuj also jokes. Malvika then apologizes him. He says its alright. She says she had made a mistake and have corrected it by kicking Vanraj and his team out of her company. Anuj says Toshu’s drama is going on there. She says she knows, but she was very angry and even wanted to meet Anu and apologize her. He says he understands and hugs her, fears Baa and Vanraj’s reaction after this and hopes they don’t create any new problem in his wedding.

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