Anupama 4th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Anupama And Anuj’s Romantic Bike Ride

Anupama 4th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anupama tries to leave Shah house. Leela stops her and yells at her for not keeping any shame in her age and going on date with Anuj before marriage. Anupama says there is no age limit for love and every married couple should go on a date. She suggests Leela to go on a date with Hasmuk and revive their relationship. She tries to explain with her usual long lecture. Leela tries to avoid her question. Anupama says she need not worry as she finished all the household work before leaving on a date with Anuj. Kanta greets Leela. Leela asks what is she doing here early morning. Kanta says she stayed overnight at Shah house. Leela stands shocked hearing that. Kanta says a mother should break the taboo of avoiding girl’s in-law’s house and suggests Leela to go and stay with Dolly someday and feel good. Leela stands speechless. Kanta says she will prepare tea only for her and not Vanraj.

Anupama asks Kinjal if she had milk. Kinjal says yes and Tohu boiled it for her. Anupama feels happy for her and then nervously asks her to get her ready for a date with Anuj. Kinjal feels excited hearing that and suggests Anupama to wear a maroon suit. Toshu joins Kinjal and wishes Anu all the best for her first official date. They both get Anupama ready for the date.

During breakfast, Leela says its food that Devika left for her job and Kanta to her house, as she was feeling as a stranger in her own house. Kavya says she enjoyed it though. She asks Vanraj to learn something from Anuj as Anuj knows to make Anupama feel special. She further praises Anupama for balancing her relationships and knowing the art of makinng them more beautiful. Vanraj and Leela get irriated with Kavya’s words. Anuj visits Shah house on a bike. Vanraj frown seeing him. Anuj stands stunned seeing Anupama in her young avatar. He praises Anupama. Kavya says Anupama and Anuj’s love story is not less than a fairy tale and she needs to complement them. Leela and Vanraj stand frustrated. Samar, Toshu, and Kinjal feel happy for Anupama.

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