Anupama 30th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Anupama And Anuj’s Engagement Ceremony

Anupama 30th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rakhi says looking at this engagement, she feels. Kavya completes her sentence saying hope even they would have got someone like that. Malvika tells Anupama that she looks absolutely gorgeous. Devika says Anu is looking so happy, she feels happy seeing that. Pakhi says they look like a celebrity couple walking on the red carpet. Samar says their MaAn is not less than a celebrity. GK says his Anuj is not less than a real life celebrity. Jignesh jokes Leela is a real life villain. Kinjal and Kanta start the engagement ritual and perform Anupama and Anuj’s aarti followed by Jignesh, GK, Malvika, Devika and others. Anupama walks to Leela and seeks her blessing, but Leela refuses to bless Anupama. She sadly returns back to Anuj. Pakhi clicks selfies with Anupama and Anuj followed by others

Rakhi asks Leela if she will not perform Anupama and Anuj’s aarti. Leela yells. Rakh says she will for sure. She performs Anupama and Anuj’s aarti and says she has written a poem for the joid on such a good poem’s engagement ceremony. Rakhi humiliates Anupama and Anuj through his poem, leaving everyone angry. She then throws money over them. Everyone stand stunned seeing that. She asks them not to look at her like that as she just performed Anupama and Anuj’s nazar. Anupama collects the money. Kinjal, Devika, Malvika, Samar, Sanjay, Dolly, and others help Anupama to collect the money. Anupama confronts Rakhi for disrespecting money in the name of performing nazar and asks Samar to feed the poor with this money. Jignesh jokes on Rakhi.

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