Anupama 28th February 2022 Written Update: Kinjal faints, Shahs gets stunned

Anupama 28th February 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anupamaa 28th Feb 2022 Written Update

Anupamaa Written telly Updates

In the show today, Kinjal says she is very happy with Hasmuk for the decor. Hasmuk states that everyone has contributed equally. Jignesh is very happy. Dolly informs Hasmuk she’s made the food. Leela states that there is nothing prepared for her birthday has ever been made. Dolly’s daughter tells Leela she’s being jealous. Everyone is laughing. Sanjay declares that Paritosh and Vanraj have gone to work, and he is not sure if they will be at the party. Hasmuk and Samar say it’s positive in a way. Dolly wants Leela to join her friends, even if they isn’t interested in attending.

Anuj gets smitten seeing Anupamas beauty. Anupama is excited about her birthday. In the meantime, Vanraj and Paritosh returns to their home. Hasmuk demands their arrival earlier. Vanraj says that no one is thrilled to see him. The meeting ended and he’s now working at his home. Vanraj declares that if an outsider’s birthday is celebrated, that does not mean the people living in the home will be able to walk through the streets. Shahs looks stunned.

Anupama along with Anuj go to Shahs. Vanraj unlocks the door to Anupama and insults her. Anupama gives a fitting reply to Vanraj and then walks in. Anuj and Anupama are delighted to see the decorations for the party. Shahs arrive. Anupama seeks Hasmuk’s blessing. Leela will not wish Anupama. Anupama insists on receiving blessings from Leela. Leela wish Anupama. Anupama is overly happy about her special day. Paritosh and Kinjal also wish Anupama. Anupama wants Vanraj not to make wishes for her because she doesn’t care if he wishes or not. Samar invites everyone to dress up for the event.

Anupama was about to inform Shahs something, but Samar interrupts. He surprises Anupama with a Happy Birthday cake through lighting up lamps. Shahs together with Anuj as well as GK wish Anupama as an ensemble. Anupama gets emotional. She says that it appears Lord Krishna has brought her joy and happiness. She is grateful to everyone and prepares to make her announcement. While she is waiting, Kinjal faints. Anupama and the other people worry about her. Paritosh brings Kinjal to the hospital.

Leela requests Paritosh to contact the doctor. Kinjal refuse to visit doctor. Leela states that since Kinjal is eating a diet, she fell unconscious. Paritosh asks Kinjal whether she requires an appointment with a doctor. Kinjal says no. Anupama requests Leela to go with her and Paritosh to leave, because she’s staying with her. Anuj tells GK that prior to Kinjal’s fainting, he saw a yes-sign within Anupamas eye. GK is emotional. Anupama discovers that Kinjal is pregnant.

[Episode Ends]

Precap: Anupama dancing and states that she would like to share the most joy she has ever experienced. Shahs insists on Anupama to come out. Anupama stands shocked

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