Anupama 11th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Rakhi’s Evil Motto

Anupama 11th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anupama emotionally tells Malvika that she would have kept 16 somvar fast for 16 lives as Anuj is the reward of her prayers. Malvika says her talks are also sanskari. Anu hugs her. Malvika apologizes her for getting angry on her. Anu says its okay. Malvika says she gets angry seeing Shahs cursing Anuj and Anupama’s happiness, even then they both act so kind towards them. On the other side, Rakhi tells Kavya that she explained what she wanted to, now Kavya should think well and take a decision; she should remember that she is helping her because she is a woman and not because she is her samdhan. She thinks there would be drama when a woman for whom Vanraj left Anupama will leave Vanraj, Shah family will shatter and Kinjal will return to her, only then her revenge will be completed.

Anupama apologizes angry Anuj. Anuj ignores her. She pins him to a wall and asks what is happening. He says he is angry. She says he looks more cute when he is angry, its good to think about himself sometimes and she is very happy; she and Bapuji will manage Shah family, he should just focus on their wedding. Anuj says he wants everyone to be happy in their wedding, one who wants their marriage and even one who don’t. Anu says they will have to reap what they sow. Anuj says he feels good hearing this new change in her life. She says she will go and check what her father and his mummyji are doing. He holds her pallu and romantically says he will openly romance her in front of everyone during their wedding as its his first wedding and he cannot wait. She shyingly asks him to control. He says he can’t. She walks away saying boy has gone mad.

Anupama with Samar and Kinjal return to Shah house and see Vanraj and Kavya fighting. Kavya tongue lashes Vanraj that she is tired of his failure and attitude, he should do something or else she will. Vanraj shouts she can do whatever she wants to. Anu tries to stop their fight. Vanraj yells at her to mind her own business. Kavya walks away saying Rakhi was right. Samar and Kinjal ask Anu to not interfere in all this and concentrate on her wedding. Anu says she cannot see any drama during her wedding.

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