Taken for Granted (RUMYA FF) part-7

Anika’s POV


I immediately jerk up due to the scream, where I see Priyanka sweating, breathing hard and teary-eyed. I immediately guessed that she had a nightmare, I immediately rush to Priyanka who is beside me and give her a hug, while Gauri who also woke up gives her water.

Priyanka (scared and hugging me tighter) - Ran

Priyanka (scared and hugging me tighter) – Ran…Ranveer…he is gone…Ranveer!! Where are you?

Me (letting go of the hug and wiping her tears) – It’s just a nightmare dear…

Priyanka (sad) – I wish it was…

Me and Gauri(surprised)- What?

Priyanka (sad) – Bhabhis…Ranveer was my childhood friend… I knew him since I was 4… he was my best friend, but nobody in our family except dadi and my brothers accepted our friendship… It was because he wasn’t as rich as us. The first time, I met him was when he saved me from those bullies in my school… We instantly got connected… His mum loved me and she would give me the love that I didn’t get from my own family… when chooti mum found out after a year about our friendship… she banned me from meeting him but I met him constantly at the park… by lying to chooti mum that I am going to meet one of my ‘rich friends,’ and she would let me go…. I know that I shouldn’t have lied… but…but…he was my only true friend… all the other people in my school were mean….they only wanted to be friends with me… because I was rich… anyway, me and Ranveer would meet up in the park… every week at the same time… sometimes his mum would also join us…but one day… Chooti mum she came to the park and then saw me and Ranveer together…she dragged me away from him… and… Then my parents…instead of supporting me… they banned me from going outside… for a year… We moved from Mumbai to Delhi….and I was homeschooled for a year….do you know bhabhis that it was my last time seeing Ranveer? He was the only guy that made me feel loved and I genuinely smiled when I was with him… but… my parents and my so-called chooti mum… stole my only happiness… I was only 6 when that happened… I really miss him bhabhi and thinking about going to Mumbai… bought back those memories.

Gauri (hugging Priyanka) – Priyanka, maybe you might meet him… after all, we are going back to Mumbai.

Me (upset) – I never knew … you have so much pain. I am sorry… I haven’t been such a good bhabhi…

Gauri (upset) – I am sorry as well

Priyanka (including me in the hug) – You guys are the best bhabhis … I could get… I can clearly see the concern you both have for me and I am really glad… that both of you are my bhabhis.

After getting out of the hug, we all start chatting about happy things and soon fall asleep on each other’s shoulders.

Finally in Mumbai

I can’t believe we are finally going to meet Saumya. I immediately get down from the train and then help, Priyanka and Gauri to put down the luggage. As we come outside the train station, I get surprised by the view and the people.

Driver – Mam… where do you want to go? I will take you… Come with me

Another Driver – Mam … come with me… I can take you anywhere as well…

Soon the drivers start quarrelling about who should take us when Gauri whispers something to me which makes me shocked

Gauri (nervous) – Bhojai… we don’t have money for a taxi… we spent all of our money for the train ride.

I nervously look at the drivers, who are now looking at us.

Me (nervous) – Can you please tell me how far this place is from here (shows address)?

Driver – Around a half-an-hour drive if there is no traffic or a 45 minute with traffic.

How are we going to get to Saumya’s house without money? I try to search for any of my belongings to give so that I can meet Saumya… I suddenly see what I can sell.

Me (nervous) – Can you please take this ring? It’s pure gold and you can check it… can you please take us to the address.

The driver checks the ring and then agrees to take us. He picks up our luggage to put while Priyanka and Gauri look at me with a questioned face.

Priyanka (curious) – Bhabhi, how did you get such an expensive ring?

Me (nervous) – Your brother, gave it to me on our 6 month anniversary… he is gone now… so what’s the point of this ring?

Gauri (upset) – But bhojai, it was your favourite ring.

Me (upset) – I know Gauri… but I no longer want it…it reminds me of my past, it reminds me of Shivay and therefore, I don’t want it.

I then go into the cab while Priyanka and Gauri who are hurt also follow me… the drive was a silent one.

After 45 minutes

Driver - we are here

Driver – we are here

Me (tired) – Guys… can you guys go before me? I will just come…

As soon as Priyanka and Gauri leave, I look at the driver,

Me (upset) – Can you please take me to the cheapest hotel or motel after I come back?

Driver – Sure mam

I quickly get off and as I start approaching the house, my guilt starts rising up…my inner self-keeps telling me to go back due to the way I treated Saumya, but I somehow convince myself to go see her. When I reach the entrance, I already see Gauri hugging someone and crying and apologising…. When I get closure, I get shocked to see that it was none other then Saumya… she looks so different now…

The Saumya who always smiled now is greeting everyone with a sad and angry face

The Saumya who always smiled now is greeting everyone with a sad and angry face. I no longer see the love and care in her eyes for anyone.

Why did Anika ask the driver to take her to the cheapest hotel or motel?

Why is Saumya looking so different now?

Precap – Anika, Gauri and Priyanka decide to stay with Saumya.

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