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Shakti 5th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman holding Lavneet’s neck. Lavneet says whatever I did was for your love. Harman says it is not love, but madness. Varun comes and sprays chloroform on his nose. He gives money to Lavneet and asks her to do his work. He says he made arrangements for their flight tickets and asks her to take Harman far away so that he never returns to them. Lavneet asks who attacked on him? Varun asks why do you want to know? She says she wants to thank him, as because of that person, Harman came in her life. Soumya comes to the place where Raavi was found unconscious and injured. She sees the blood marks on the road and follows it. Nurse tells Harak Singh and his family that Raavi gained consciousness. Harak Singh and Preeto go inside. He asks who had attacked you. Raavi says I was doubtful

on Lavneet so followed her, when I was went to that place, I saw Harman, then Lavneet held her and stabbed her. She asks who brought me here? Preeto says Khushi found you on road and brought you to hospital.

Lavneet is taking unconscious Harman to car, when Soumya comes there and asks Lavneet to leave Jolly. Lavneet keeps Harman in the car and goes to Soumya. She says I told you not to come inbetween us. Soumya says I will until you leave Jolly. She slaps her hard and takes knife from her purse. She attacks Soumya and her hand gets hurt. Lavneet says I will kill you today. Soumya holds her hand and says I told you to leave Jolly. She sees Mobile on ground and dials emergency number with her foot. Police comes there immediately. Lavneet elopes seeing Police. Constables run behind her. Inspector sprinkles water on Harman’s face. Harman gains consciousness. Soumya asks are you fine? Harman says yes and asks about Raavi. Soumya says she is fine, I took her to hospital. Harman sees hand on her hand and asks her to come to hospital.

Soumya asks him not to worry and go home, says everyone is worried for you. Harman says everyone is a liar, and says Lavneet kidnapped me and attacked Raavi, if you haven’t saved me then…He says only you care for me and worry for me, and says we have a relation which is not seen among these fake relations. He says I can trust you and feel light talking to you. He says you are precious to me and hugs her. Soumya cries and hugs him. Sameer comes there and gets upset. Soumya tells him that she is engaged and will be marrying soon. She says you are my good friend and Sameer is my would be husband, our ways are separate now. Sameer comes near her and asks about the wound on her hand. Soumya says I am fine. Sameer asks Harman if he is fine. Harman says I am fine. Sameer says I will take Khushi to hospital. Harman looks at Soumya while they are leaving. Soumya also turns and looks at Harman. He feels pain of separating from her and recalls their moments.

Harak Singh and his family come there. Varun also comes and gets upset. Harak Singh asks if he is fine? Harman says Khushi is injured and left from here. Harak Singh asks him not to worry about Khushi. Inspector comes and asks Harak Singh to give info about the girl. Harak Singh says ok. Lavneet is hiding there and says I will not leave Khushi and looks at the knife.

Sameer brings Soumya home and tells that his destiny is not good. He says you lied to me. Soumya says sorry. Sameer says what would have happen if anything had happened to you. He says you ask for time when I talked about marriage. Soumya says I didn’t refuse. Sameer says you didn’t agree also and asks her to return the ring. His mum gets angry and asks what wrong did she do? She has saved her friend. Sameer asks her to tell her decision. Soumya says I am ready to marry you whenever you want. Sameer gets happy and thinks today I have seen love in Harman’s life and before you get back your memory, you will marry me. Harak Singh brings Harman to hospital and asks why Raavi is crying. Shanno says Raavi has lost her baby. Harak Singh pacifies her. Raavi says my life is a mess and says Jeet is in jail and I have lost my baby. Preeto tells that I told that the girl is not good. Varun thinks it is good that Lavneet is not caught else I would be in jail. Harak Singh swears on Raavi and says I will punish all those who are involved in this conspiracy.

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