Second chance(Tashan e Ishq) Os

I am writing this is for the first time so please forgive the mistakes.

I am taking a part of another writer I hope you have read that.

Kunj and twinkle are going to get married in a week. They have an argument while standing in the balcony and kunj asks twinkle to jump from the balcony if she loves him.

My part will start from now on.

Twinkle looks into his eyes and says:I do you love you and I will do this for you.

She climbs the balcony wall and jumps from their.But kunj holds his hand.

Kunj:Twinkle how did you thought I will let you die.I love you and from now on I will trust you.

Twinkle:I trusted you from the start and I knew you will not let me fall and you will hold my hand but you didn’t knew that I will not hold it back.

Kunj was dumbstruck by what she said.Twinkle started to free her hand.Kunj yelled twinkle what are you doing you will die twinkle please don’t do that I really loved you.Twinkle I am really sorry.please don’t do this to me.And he tightens his grip on her hand.

Twinkle tries to free her hand while hanging from the balcony and finally succeeds.She falls from the 2nd floor to the ground in front of kunj he keeps yelling but it was no use.she died in front of his eyes and he could not do anything. There was nothing with him except mourning over himself not trusting her.But she gave him the eternal punishment.If she were alive she would have forgiven him one or another day.But what she did was neither he could apologize and nor she would have to forgive him.She slept peacefully while giving him an eternal pain.His tears dried but she never showed up again.She died while he became a living dead.

Life always does not gives you another chance so you should be aware of your every act and your every word or else you will left behind with teary eyes because life always does not gives a second chance.

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