RadhaKrishn 10th November 2018 Written Episode Update

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Krishna tells that he will not go until his goal is met. He continues that he will control Barsana one day. Radha looks at him. Krishna signs her. Ayan comes there. Krishna smiles seeing him there. Ayan looks angrily. Radha runs to Ayan. Ayan asks are you fine? Radha sees Krishna signing something to her weirdly. Ayan turns to Krishna. He then asks Radha what happened? He asks if Krishna troubled you? Radha asks him to come with her and says she wants to show him something. Ayan asks what will you show me in this dense forest. She asks him to come with her. Balram is exercising holding a big tree branch and thinks he can’t understand Krishna and his leela. He drops tree on the ground seeing villagers coming there. Krishna says prem leela is still remaining. Balram gets worried.

Radha shows

to Ayan that Krishna made the infertile land beautiful with grown up trees and flowers. She says he has created this garden/brindavan. Krishna says Radha had seen a dream and asks her to tell if she didn’t hallucinate for once. She says yes, but she saw him creating brindavan. Krishna says how can I create it, I am very young. Radha asks Ayan to believe his childhood friend and not on Krishna. Radha’s father and others ask Balram about Ayan, says he went to search Radha and asks where did he get lost? Balram says Bakasur died. Radha’s father asks how did you know its name? Balram says I named it, as it was big and asur, so bakasur. He says Ayan went this side, so there is a possibility that we shall go there. Radha’s father prays to God to be with him.

Radha asks Ayan to trust her. Krishna asks Ayan to trust him and says she was dreaming. Ayan asks him to stop it and says he will believe Radha other than Krishna, and asks him how the deserted land became like a garden. He asks how did you do this? Krishna says why are you accusing me, this is God’s creation and says I am an ordinary man. Ayan says you are not an ordinary man and asks Radha not to stop him. He says I will use my strength to find out your truth. Radha says I will not stop Ayan today, and says she had enough of his cleverness. Ayan walks angrily towards Krishna. Krishna asks him to leave him and asks what wrong did I do with you. Ayan says you know better and that’s why I will smash your face. Krishna says my soft body can’t bear your punch. Ayan attacks Krishna, but he moves and Ayan hits something. Krishna asks Ayan not to try to catch him. He runs. Ayan runs behind him.

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