Only for me myself- OS (5)

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cotinuation of confession of dreams

Mona come near to Anika” di ishu di was used to tell that her bigger SIL was a very brave & a brilliant person she is self dependant , is that same Anika di is standing b4 me who had a ability & dream to become a event manager mmm???”

Mona moves towards her lovely sissy ” di is that really u who used to earn , does not like to dependant on others , di u have a dream to become a chemist and to do research on medicine for diseases Right???”

Mona next come near to Saumya ” Somu even you is that you who questioned me who was the charming a brilliant student of ur college , u were the Famous RJ & u want to become a independent journalist am I right ” Somu nodded

prinku – guys each of u are saying u are happy but the fact is

Mona – u guys adjust & sacrifice ur dreams to get a artificial happiness .

Anika – yeah but it is not artificial we are happy by some  sacrifices.

Prinku – but bhabhi sacrificing ur dreams Will not give u full happiness

dadi – what can be done puttar  to run a peace family sacrifices to be done

mona – k dadi just tell me why women are not given respect for the work they do as a homemaker , actually more than men’s womens do more women’s sacrifices & works go waste , I am not telling homemaking is bad but women are capable of managing both work & home don’t waste ur dreams

Jhanvi- but we need a support for that from a family

Prinku – Ma I m there to support you I’ll help you if u start ur dream , every girl will support u when u start to follow ur dream why dadi will u not support Ma

dadi – I am happy & I will support my bahu

other ladies ” we will also ” .

Mona – see aunty we will all support .

Ishana – but Mona y have u sent message like that

Precap – plan











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