Naagin Season 3 10th November 2018 Written Episode Update

Naagin Season 3 10th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mahir’s takes Vyom’s family to the guest rooms. Vyom goes to his room and opens the window. He asks Mahir about Yuvi’s marriage which was to happen before. Mahi says I will tell later. Vyom asks him about Bela. Just then Rinki calls Mahir, he goes. Vyom holds Bela’s hand and asks if she is marrying Yuvi. Bela takes her hand. Mahir comes out and asks Vyom and his family to ask Bhushan if they need anything. Once Mahir and Bela leave, Vyom and his family become hawks and some of them go out of window.

Vikrant comes to room and tells his mum these people can’t ruin their game, and says let the things happen as it is happening. He says Bela is about to kill Mahir, then she will lose her power and then they will get naagmani. He asks her not to worry. Vyom becomes

man and jumps on bed. He says you people don’t know how much big trouble came in your house, and says we came in groups, we are hawks, first we aim, then stare and then kill. He laughs.

Sumitra tells Amita that she is feeling bad not to welcome her. Amita says its okay, and says Andy told about your head ache and asks if she is fine now. Sumitra says she took medicine and slept. RJ comes and says haldi didn’t come yet. Amita says Rinki will handle and asks her not to worry. Vyom collides with RJ and tells that he is searching Bela. RJ asks why are you searching her? Vyom diverts his attentions. RJ says you haven’t changed. Adi introduces himself to Rinki. Rinki says you are Mahir’s step brother and that means I can flirt with you. Adi says nice. Rinki says I am not that nice. RJ comes and asks did you see haldi girl. Adi says she is damn hot. Kuhu tells that her baby kicked. Vyom’s brother makes her sit and says it is a good feeling. Kuhu says yes. Sumitra looks at them. Yuvi asks him to leave everyone and concentrate on him. Sumitra asks if whatever happening is right. Yuvi says yes and tells that bela and I are made for each other and I will make her mine. Mahir gets upset. Sumitra sees his displeasure.

Bela thinks why I was feeling strange infront of Vyom and his family. She thinks if they are with Vikrant and then thinks if they were his partners then he wouldn’t have alerted me. She prays to Bholenaath and closes her eyes for a quick nap. Vyom enters the room silently and kisses on Bela’s forehead. Bela says Mahir ji. He becomes hawk and escapes from the window. Bela says Mahir ji and opens her eyes. She thinks she felt as someone is here. Mahir comes there. Bela runs to him and hugs him. Mahir cries and says I can’t bear all this. Tere Sang pyaar mein…He says this is wrong and I can’t bear all this quietly. He asks her to stop all this and asks her not to go for haldi. Bela says no. Mahir says it is a bad feeling and says I don’t know you are near to know his truth or not, but you are close to marry him. Bela says this mehendi and haldi don’t matter to me. She says it is not easy for me also. Mahir says these things matter to me, I can’t bear when someone touches you. He says if you get haldi applied then it will be of my name else no. Sumitra calls Bela.

Bela asks Mahir to hide and says if she sees us together then. She hides him in the cupboard. Sumitra comes with Amita. Amita looks at the cupboard. Bela says she will come and closes the doors of cupboard. Sumitra asks Bela if someone is forcing her to marry. bela says she is doing this with her wish. Vyom comes inside. Sumitra asks about the feather on his kurta. He says he was in the garden so it might had fell there. Mahir comes out. Vyom asks Mahir if he is jealous as his wife will be Yuvi’s wife. He then says he is joking. Mahir and Vyom go from there.

Kuhu, RJ and Adi apply haldi to Yuvi. Kala Chasma plays…..Rinki, Pratham also apply haldi to him. Bela comes and sits on her side. Sumitra applies haldi to Yuvi. He whispers something in her ears. Mahir and Vyom come there. Sumitra tells Mahir that Yuvi wants you to apply haldi. Mahir comes to Yuvi. Yuvi asks if he will apply haldi to him with upset face and promises that he will not look at any girl. Mahir applies haldi on Yuvi’s eyes too. Bela smiles. Yuvi says you can’t any work and feel irritation in his eyes. Sumitra gets worried for Yuvi. Mahir asks her to look after Yuvi. He whispers something in Rinki’s ears. Rinki asks Bela to come and dance till her haldi happens. She takes her to dance. Mahir and Bela dance…yeh hai irada chahun tujhe zyada plays……

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