Twinkle was not able to sleep that night thinking about other man that she is going to fake as her boyfriend just to prove her words that she said in front of Kunj. Even she was unaware about it as why she mentioned something like that and now, she will be the one who will have to bear the consequences and will be really uncomfortable. She was not able to sleep that night. She was worried about the party that she will be attending with her so called boyfriend. UV and Chinki though said that they will accompany her but she knew she will be uncomfortable with the man.  

The other morning Twinkle as usual got up quite early and made breakfast ready. Chinki and UV got at their usual time Chinki was hell excited to meet Naman and execute her plan but UV and Twinkle were not looking very happy.  

Chinki-  Do not worry, Twinkle and trust me. I won’t ask any random guy to be your boyfriend especially to the ones I don’t trust. 

Twinkle- But… 

Chinki- You just relax, Naman will be here in some time, you yourself talk to him and know few things about him and you will be able to understand that he is a good human being. 

Twinkle just hummed what Chinki told her. Naman came after some time and they all sat together in the living room. Twinkle and Naman were introduced and explained him the role he has to play in front of her boss. They did not tell him the full story of Twinkle, as they thought it will be better. Chinki advised Twinkle to talk to him for sometime 

Naman actually was a really good person who made Twinkle really comfortable in few minutes, they talked about each other and Twinkle told him few details as how all of a sudden, she told Kunj about her boyfriend and also told her that Kunj being her ex – husband and now they are separated. Naman told and promised her that he will help her and she do not need to worry about anything. Twinkle, in few hours only found that Naman is a really a nice person and can become a very good friend. He can help her out. 

Next Scene Kunj’s home 

Kunj was sleeping and dreaming about Twinkle (Kunj’s dream) 


Kunj and UV were talking on video call in Kunj’s office and UV who went to India to find the intruder who was leaking all the deals. Kunj and UV both were tensed as filling up the losses for Indian company started affecting their profit margin as well which became a big concern. Kunj was also frustrated as because of all this he was ignoring Twinkle at home. UV warned him a lot of times that not to bring Twinkle in all this but Kunj in his tension always forgot this and neglected Twinkle. 

Twinkle at home was always tensed as Kunj was not talking to him properly, if she will try also, he will either shout or say something that will hurt her. Kunj was also not liking this, every day he used to think that he will not bother Twinkle but only opposite was happening. He was not able find the culprit which was frustrating him day by day. That day also something very similar happened, Kunj came back from office and lied down on the bed. He was very tired. Kunj at that time just want to sleep.  

Twinkle- Kunj. Twinkle called him in a very low voice by touching his shoulder, but Kunj did not open his eyes. So, Twinkle thought not to disturb him. Kunj was not sleeping but did not open his eye and he felt a known touch on his legs.  He felt Twinkle taking his shoes and socks off, after some time he felt Twinkle’s hand around his neck, to open his tie and collar buttons of his shirt and covering Kunj with duvet when Kunj just opened his eyes and said in a very irritating tone- What the hell are you doing Twinkle, cat you even let me sleep? 

Twinkle startled and turned, she was really hurt- You were not sleeping? 

Kunj- Was trying to, but you won’t let me right. 

Twinkle- Kunj, I was just…. 

Kunj- Please Twinkle, I am just fed up of you. Don’t give me any explanation and leave. 

Twinkle couldn’t stop her tears flowing and left the room when Kunj realized what he did and felt really bad for Twinkle and got angrier on him. The more he was trying not to hurt Twinkle and not to bring his office thing at home, the more he was hurting Twinkle and how many times will he say sorry. He was getting more eager to resolve the case, as he want everything like before between him and Twinkle. 

Kunj woke up with a jerk because of the alarm and realized that he was again dreaming about Twinkle and their past. Kunj got up from the bed thinking about the dream. Kunj now was really firm in getting back Twinkle from the time Twinkle went missing and now when he found her, he was really stubborn now to get Twinkle back in his life and by any means, which he will try. Kunj want every morning Twinkle next to him on his bed so that he can see the most beautiful face in front of him when he gets up, with no problems but only love between them.  

Kunj while thinking all this got ready and found Tyson there. He was the only one who made Kunj happy when Twinkle left him and still, he really loved Tyson, as he was Twinkle’s baby and she loved spending time with him and the same now was with Kunj.  

Kunj- Finally, I met her Tyson, she is still the same beautiful and gorgeous, not a single change in these years. Gosh, I missed her so much and now I am not letting her go. She will be in my office from next Monday and you know what I will make sure she is with me all the time. Today is the party and am dying to meet her again.  You know what yesterday people were talking about me that I have gone made, gave such a huge share to Eurekas but they don’t know what I have got in return. To get her back I can do anything. She is priceless for me and for you to, right Tyson, you also miss her right? 

Kunj was continuously talking to Tyson and Tyson was busy playing with Kunj.  

Kunj to himself- Just one thing that makes me angry and restless is that her boyfriend, how can she… I mean she was never like. I just hope she comes alone and not with that stupid boyfriend of hers, otherwise I will kill him. The thought of him touching her makes angry. I won’t let any moron touch my girl, she is just mine. With that Kunj left for office and the thought of meeting Twinkle in the tonight’s party, also keeping her away from her boyfriend. 

Other side, Twinkle had calmed down a lot as compared to before because of Naman’s jolly behavior, till now she was really comfortable with him.  

Twinkle- It’s good that I am comfortable with Naman now, because if I have to show him that I have moved on and don’t want him in my life anymore. But I am not able to understand Kunj as he said that he will show hell to me, that means he wants to take revenge and will hurt me and seeing Naman with me, he might hurt him as well, which I will never let that happen. What has my life become, once I was so happy with Kunj, his touch, his kiss, our love making, always made me happy but everything was ruined by Kunj himself, now those kiss and love making sessions are nightmare for me. I can’t even sleep properly, every time I sleep, I dream all those times spent with Kunj. I want to hate you Kunj but I am not able to. Why Kunj, why when I needed you so much at that time only….. She started sobbing thinking about the past. 

It was almost evening time and Twinkle decided to get ready but Chinki had something else in her mind. She decided a dress for Twinkle and also was doing her make up. She just wanted Twinkle to look best in the party, also realize Kunj that she was not the old Twinkle anymore but changed, though Twinkle kept telling her, that she does not want any kind of attention and also now Kunj hates her. 

UV- How much more time you both are going to take?   

UV and Naman entered room and were stunned to look the ladies standing in front of them.  

Naman- You are looking stunning Twinkle. 

Chinki- I know and she was getting nervous. Twinkle, you are looking seriously really beautiful, if I would have been a man, I would have proposed you immediately.  

Naman- So many men will be jealous tonight with me especially your man Twinkle. I have the best girl with me. I wish I was not committed. 

Twinkle- Please stop overthinking and Kunj will never be jealous as he hates me. 

Chinki- Time will decide Twinkle, you just wait and watch. 


Hey Friends, how are you all. I am sorry for being so late.

Please forgive me and now no more studies and starting with a new job.

Next episode we will see whether Kunj will be jealous or not and what dress Twinkle is wearing 🙂

I am excited.

I am here after a long long time, I hope you all have not lost interest in this story, please read and let me know how was it through your comments.

I missed you a lot and good to be back. Love you all and enjoy 🙂 🙂


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