It was meant to happen (A Twinj FF) Prologue Part I

Hey Guys! I’m back after so much time, that too with a brand new story. First of all, I’m really sorry for vanishing like that. I was very busy, hence couldn’t read any of the articles. Whenever I thought of reading, some or the other thing came up. So my heartfelt apologies to all the writers. But I’ll check all the stories and tell you all my views. One more thing, I have two different ideas for the stories. This is the first one. I’ll be posting another one soon. So then I’ll be starting with the one which you people like more. Now enough of my rant, let’s start.. 😊😊


Eight different lives, eight different people. All coming from different origins, but crossed paths and their lives changed.

Four guys: similar, yet totally different.

Four girls: sweet, sly and fly like birds.

One common thing : Friendship ❤️❤️

All are fighting their own battles, unknown to everyone. They have their own goals in life, and with that, some unknown promises.

Then Destiny plays her game…

What will happen when they will cross paths again, after years.. Will old friendships rekindle OR will the unspoken fear come true…

With mysterious pasts to dangerous promises, This journey is everything but simple.

With so much at stake, but nothing to lose, will their lives change for better, or will take a turn for the worst..

And with all this going on, evil is never far behind. The end is nearing, but of the good, or the bad.. Only God knows..

So what do you think ?! Will their trust stay intact, even after the TRUTH comes out ?? Or NOT!!

Stay tuned to know!!!


So what do you think guys ?! Tell me your thoughts, then only I’ll continue it.. And the character sketch will be in the part II of prologue. Hope you liked this one! Once again really sorry..
Lots of love 💕💕
Sapphire/Vidhi ( That’s my real name! 😉)




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