Horrific Past To Surprising Future – Ishqbaaz FanFiction- Episode 39

Hi This is VHM aka Harika coming up with a new story / Fanfiction on Ishqbaaz. This will involve all the three couples . A subtle romance, thrill, accusations, support and family bonding. Get on a new ride with me and do support me.

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Shivaay also dispersed the meeting and everyone went back to their respective cabins.

Riddhima reached Om’s cabin and took a chair

‘’You here…what are you doing here?’’ Om asked supressing his anger

‘’First thing are 3 days enough to execute whatever you are planning?’’ Riddhima asked

‘’they aren’t but yes, we will try to make it possible’’

‘’perfect…then I will just push this convincing drama for 3 days and ‘’

‘’and what?’’

‘’and I want to remind you to make the papers …I will do my job in such a way that the Australian client will never again think to work with Oberoi’s again…I will speak to them and get this fixed ….Shivaay will be stressed to get back the deal and you will have pretty long time to make him lose’’

‘’good job…your papers will be getting readied…what’s the hurry…it is just the starting …we have to first bring Shivaay down then only everything will be under our control’’

While Om was speaking..Gauri rushed inside without knocking as her usual habit

‘’Om…I have’’ she stopped seeing Riddhima sitting in the cabin

‘’i..i am sorry..i will come later’’ Gauri spoke and turned to go

‘’Don’t your employees know that they need to knock the door before entering..’’ Riddhima taunted Om

‘’Be in your limits Ms.Riddhima…I have asked her to come here and so I was expecting her …but should I remind you, you did the same sometime before…and don’t forget, now you are gonna listen to me not the other way round….so behave and leave now…I think we have spoken enough’’

Riddhima left from there in anger

Riddhima TAM ‘’once I understand their game plan I will play my next card’’

Om TAM ‘’this time before you plan anything , we will end your game’’

‘’Om are you fine?’’ Gauri asked Om while Om was in thoughts

‘’Hmm…yess…it’s just I am unable to bear that lady before me or in this office…in short in our lives…I just hope the days pass by quickly ‘’

‘’it will Om…don’t worry’’

————–Anika’s Cabin

Anika heard a knock on the door and asked the person to come in being indulged in work

‘’All work and no break, makes a person mad’’ Shivaay spoke

‘’Shivaay, You?’’

‘’why? Were you expecting someone else other than me?’’

‘’well yes and No’’


‘’I was expecting Rudra and Saumya to be here and I knew they would be coming after an hour…so Yes and No’’


Anika looked at him, and then at her legs

‘’Don’t worry, this time I would not break any cups..’’ he smiled

‘’yeah I know because you are gonna break someone else’’

‘’Sshhhh…walls have ears too’’

‘’You are crazy Shivaay…’’ she smiled

‘’you are stupid Anika’’

‘’don’t call me Stupid…you know how Intelligent I am’’ she upped her shirt collar

‘’I agree Stupid’’ Shivaay chided her

‘’So…howz everything going?’’

‘’we are ready with next step…I spoke to the clients and they decided to help us…I just hope , everything goes as per our plan’’

‘’Don’t worry Shivaay…everything will go smooth’’ she said holding his hand

‘’I know…because with you being my side , nothing can go wrong’’ he placed his other hand over her

They both looked at each other and had an eyelock…..

‘’I think, I must get those papers ready then…and prepare Rudra to tackle ‘’ Anika said breaking the eyelock

‘’hmm..yes…do tell me if you need any help…’’

‘’you are saying as if you will be at my service anytime’’

‘’do you have any doubt that I will not be at your service’’ shivaay leaned closer to her and spoke huskily making her hair strands behind her ears .

She closed her fists with his touch and looked at him with a tint of blush

‘’I love to see you blushing Anika’’ he again spoke against her ears and ‘’meet you at the office cafe during lunch’’ saying he left from there winking at her

She smiled with a huge blush.

——————–3 days later, Shivaay’s Cabin

‘’Where is Riddhima?’’ Shivaay spoke desperately

‘’Shivaay relax , she will be here any moment’’ Om tried to calm

‘’I am here Mr.Oberoi’’ Riddhima came seeing the door open

‘’So did you talk to the clients and convince them…I have been waiting for you to let me know something about this since 3 days’’

‘’Mr.Oberoi..i am sorry to make you wait , but..’’ before she could complete Priyanka, Anika , Rudra  and Gauri came in

‘’Where is Saumya? ‘’ Anika asked

‘’She is looking at some files ..she will be here at any moment ‘’ Rudra answered

‘’Now you can proceed Riddhima’’ Shivaay spoke

‘’Mr.oberoi…I am sorry, I tried to convince the clients, but couldn’t..they said they don’t want to deal with Oberois after the incident as they have no trust…’’

‘’what? How dare they?’’ Shivaay sprang from his chair in rage

‘’believe me Mr.Oberoi I tried my level best, I apologised too, but they didn’t’’

‘’Stop, enough…all this is because of you…everything because of you…hadn’t you did that stupidity hadn’t this all happened …but remember I am also Shivaay Singh Oberoi and I will get back this project at any cost’’

‘’Stop it Shivaay’’ Om got up in rage

‘’Om’’ shivaay got startled and so was everyone else

‘’Yes it’s me Om who is speaking to you now…with your this aggression we are not gonna achieve anything…I think you need a break….’’

‘’I can’t believe you are saying this…’’

‘’Guys enough…’’ Anika spoke

‘’Anika…this is our family matter so just stay out of it’’ Priyanka spoke

‘’How can you talk to Anika like that Prinku…she was the one who worked day and night to get this deal..you know her’’

‘’Bhayya…I am not in a mood to listen your lecture …I have been listening this since my birth , but please stop now…you know what Om bhayya is right because of your uncontrollable anger we are all facing the consequences….the stocks are down, our reputation went into gutter and now with this major deal going off , our other clients are also backing off and have clearly informed that they don’t want to renew any deals further…’’

‘’So you both are saying I am responsible for all this?’’

‘’off course You are responsible bhayya’’ Rudra spoke

‘’Rudra….don’t forget I have made everything back in London when we were in crisis because of this Lady Riddhima and now you are pointing me for the downfall’’

‘’Shivaay…you are not God to say you made everything…you are human don’t forget this and please fior once try to accept your mistakes’’

‘’I haven’t done any…you all have seen this lady has agreed and apologised infront of everyone in front of national media that I was not a t fault’’

‘’really Shivaay…you feel so?’ Om smiled

‘’Why are you smiling?’’

‘’what did you think Riddhima who has enemity with Oberois will apologise so easily….come on I thought you are smart….’’

‘’What do you mean Om?’’ Shivaay helf Om’s collar

‘’The point is straight….’’ Om spoke making him leave his collar

‘’Om…Please he is your brother’’ Gauri tried to infuse some sense

‘’Gauri…didn’t you hear…this is their personal matter’’ Riddhima taunted

‘’you both keep quiet ‘’ Priyanka warned

‘’Shivaay …the point is staright …with such arrogance and attitude business cannot be done…so it’s better you step down from your position…we three will take care from now on’’

‘’and what if I deny?’’

‘’we have to force you bhayya’’ Rudra said looking at Saumya who just came in

‘’Saumya..are the papers ready?’’ Rudra asked looking at her and extending his hands

Sumo handed over the papers to Rudra , who in turn gave it to Shivaay

Riddhima was very happy seeing that and her heart was dancing with joy

‘’What are these papers?’’ Shivaay asked

‘’I am setting up a sister company of oberois and for that I need finance, so I thought let me claim my shares….so it’s better you sign them’’

‘’Rudraaa’’ Shivaay’s voice was shocked and shaked

‘’Shivaay…I and Prinku also have similar thoughts….let us divide the property…but let me remind you, the losses will be repaid only by you…’’

‘’You all can’t do this…I will not let you do this’’

‘’you should because we have called a press conference today evening and we are going to announce this to the whole world that Shivaay singh Oberoi and his siblings are getting separated

‘’Om….did you ever think what Dadi will undergo after seeing this…don’t you remember when we came here from London we promised her that we will not bring property between us…what will you answer her’’

‘’Bhayya…rather than fighting everyday it’s better we get divided ‘’

‘’Look…you want me to step down…I will step down…you three manage everything but don’t divide anything….dadi will not be able to bear it’’

‘’Ohh please don’t show us your this face which is a drama….Shivaay at every step of our life , you have done what you wanted not what we wished…you have always taken the authority and we just nodded to you..but till when will we continue to do this…so now it’s time everything get’s equated’’

‘’Om please…what happened to you…I can’t believe my siblings whom I have trusted on , whom I thought are my everything are talking to me like this…’’

‘’if we were your life, you would not have been selfish by naming everything on your name’’ prinku spoke

‘’That’s because’’

‘’I will tell..that’s because…you wanted to betray us..had we not come to know throught Riddhima that everything is under your name , we would have never known…’’ Rudra spoke

‘’Riddhima…ohh..i should have understood , you should have been the reason behind this change in my siblings…I was right , I should not have spared you ‘’ screaming he walked towards her

‘’shivaay stop…now she is our friend and you..you are our enemy…if you take even a step more , I don’t know what I will doing to you’’ Om said in rage

Riddhima smiled looking at Shivaay and moved towards Om, Prinku and Rudra

‘’I am sorry Mr.Oberoi…but I am friend of your siblings …so I revealed about all the property being on your name to all these’’

‘’Prinku, Om …how can she be your friend…did you forget how she tortured Prinku? Did you forget what you went through when Prinku was abducted…did you forget how our family spent the days gloomily…did you forget how badi maa cried day and night….how can she be your friend ?’’

‘’that was past and I don’t care about past…anyways there is no more point of any more discussion…by today evening we want our property to be divided…’’

‘’that will not happen…I will not give you a penny…do whatever you want to do’’

‘’fine…since you have decided let me tell our decision…if you are not naming the property then we will never been seen again to you..you will die every day in guilt of losing us….’’Om spoke

‘’Om….how can you? How can you say so? Listen to me…listen…you take charge of everything but for Dadi’s sake, don’t divide it..i promise, I will not interfere…I will make papers of agreement that I will not be related to any business of oberois..neither will I claim any rights…in this way everything will be yours and nothing will be divided….please…atleast for the sake of the relation we have agree to this’’ shivaay folded his hands and stood infront of Om , Prinku and Rudra

Om looked at Prinku and Rudra and then nodded

‘’I will make the papers and we will announce in the press conference’’

Shivaay sat down with a thud while Riddhima looked angrily at Om Ru and Prinku

Anika tried to speak, but Shivaay asked her to leave him alone…Everyone left from there…Shivaay took his coat and left to the home

——————-Some Unknown location

‘’what did you guys do?’’ Riddhima questioned OmRuPri in anger

‘’what did we do?’’ Om asked

‘’you were to divde the property and give my share…then why did you agree to Shivaay’s proposal?’’

‘’This is our personal matter and we are not answerable to you’’

‘’Don’t forget you promised me to give my share’’

‘’Excuse me? When did I promise?’’ Om said shocking Riddhima

‘’what the hell? How dare you say that?’’

‘’Who are you is the first question?’’ Prinku shocked her further

‘’now I get it..you have just used me and when everything has settled , you are trying to get rid of me’’

‘’you are smart…and now when you have got everything then why are you here? Come on leave?’’

‘’but my share?’’

‘’you will not get a penny, forget about your share’’ Om screamed

‘’I will not leave you guys…you will get your due of tricking me and that too very soon’’ she pointed finger while speaking

‘’you know what we don’t care about you…now you can’t do anything because this deal is no more with Oberois so you are not connected, then you are already on road , so the least I can do is book a return ticket to London for you or if you say to Australia’’ Priyanka smiled

‘’don’t smile…I knew you will flip so I have my own plans…just wait and watch’’

‘’Watch se yaad aaya…your watch..here it is….it fell on ground….take it and have a good time’’ Rudra smiled handing over her watch

————–Evening OM

The press was present and Om Ru Prinku and Shivaay along with Dadi came into the living room

‘’Mr.Omkara Singh Oberoi…you called us to announce something?’’

‘’yes…we have an announcement to make’’

‘’It’ s about what Mr.Oberoi?’’

Om looked at Shivaay and Shivaay nodded

‘’I have called you all to say that we have got the Australian deal that we thought we lost’’

Riddhima who was present as one of the press member got shocked with the revelation

‘’Also we are happy to announce that my Younger brother along with his Friend Saumya Tendulkar under the guidance of Ms.Anika Chaturvedi will handle this project under a separate company which will act as Sister company to Oberois…’’

‘’but why Mr.Oberoi?’’

‘’that’s because there was a clause in the deal that, if the oberois come under any kind of proved or unproved legal matters the company would not continue to work forward…so Ms Anika has given this idea to establish a sister company , so that the clause will be maintained and the Oberois will still be associated with it.’’

‘’But Mr.Oberoi , why Mr.Rudra, I mean as far as we know he is still studying then why did you chose him?’’

‘’I will answer Shivaay said’’

‘’I will not let anyone answer …’’Riddhima said pointing the gun towards Shivaay and walking forward

Everyone were shocked

‘’Who are you?’’ Shivaay screamed

‘’Riddhima….Riddhima Kapoor…didn’t you recognise’’

‘’How dare you enter in my house? Khanna call the security and drag her away’’

Riddhima caught Anika and pointed the gun at her and said ‘’don’t you dare to act intelligent, you know me very well what I can do and what I cannot’’

‘’Shivaay call the police…’’ Anika said

‘’Shut Up Anika…I thought of not dragging you in between, now I got to understand everything’’

‘’you can never understand anything ever…’’Anika spoke

‘’Leave her Riddhima…I said leave her’’ Shivaay screamed

‘’what did you think Shivaay…you all will make me fool and I will be fooled….for a moment seeing your argument I thought everything was for real, but you faked everything…’’

‘’you are a fool understand and accept it’’ Anika again spoke

‘’no I am not …no one make me a fool’’

‘’Really…but you did become …didn’t you understand anything?’’ Anika said

‘’what do you mean?’

‘’yes…we faked everything…once you made your first move we were shocked that you are this time upto something big that’s when we came up with a plan…a plan to fool you and buy sometime to get everything against you and for that we needed to make you believe us completely..but it wasn’t easy and the only way to make you believe you was to ensure you that we were not together …it started with Priyanka calling you and asking to meet you…you know how it went, the main reason was we wanted you to be our side while we are against you and we can only do this when we make you believe that’s when this whole drama of my siblings going against me started…as planned you fell in our trap…I needed time desperately to bring out the evidences that were with you and in these three days when you were plotting against us involving Om Prinku, I and Rudra searched your house….when we didn’t find any evidences here I sent my men to your house in London  to collect the proofs that you were using to blackmail us….my men destroyed the proofs then and there….next was to tackle your mom so that she doesn’t let you know anything about the happenings…so we kept her with us under our observance and she spoke to you exactly how we wanted to speak and you like a fool let her know all your plans till know which we recorded infront of the London police…..to make sure you don’t escape, we ensured that we must expose you….so morning we made a drama of press conference announcing our split to the world…we knew you would keep an eye on us ..but we wanted you to enter into OM …..for that we needed to sow a doubt in your mind, so we Om , Prinku and Rudra said all those words of not identifying you and asking you to get lost…knowing you will not accept your defeat and will do anything , we were sure you will expose yourself and finally we announced about the Australian deal instead of our split and you came out in open….to keep an eye on your every move , Rudra fixed a microphone and  tracker in your watch…remember how he handed over your watch to you….i saw you entering the OM with your men disguised as Reporters and our security nabbed them before they could help you….leaving no stone you came out in open…’’

‘’do you think I will lose so easily…I came here to destroy you SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI…and I will do it by hook or crook’’

‘’I said leave her Riddhima…you came to destroy me then why drag her in between?’’

‘’because I know she is your one more weakness and I love to hit your weakness again and again as I did with you in London’’

This shocked all the members present there

‘’Whaat? ‘’

‘’why are you shocked? Didn’t you understand or you want me to tell everything in detail?’’

‘’what do you mean?’’

‘’My entry in to Oberoi Mansion was to destroy you…Destroy you and shatter you , make you suffer as you made my sister suffer…’’

‘’I made your Sister suffer?’’

‘’don’t act smart Shivaay….My sister Mallika Kapoor…do you remember her?’’

‘’Mallika…I heard this name…but’’

‘’Yes the same Mallika Kapoor who was your classmate since you came to London….because of you she lost her life…’’

Everyone looked on Shocked

‘’Why are you all shocked….don’t you know what you did Shivaay?’’

‘’don’t talk rubbish…I didn’t know her properly then how can I be the reason of her death?’’

‘’Yes you are the reason….she was your classmate since the day you joined the school in London….with every growing year she started developing feelings for you, when you both were in college …she was head over heels in love with you…but you never looked at her….she was mad about you, but you had your own attitude of being an Oberoi….she proposed you innumerable times , but you paid no heed…one day she came to you and begged you to accept her to which you asked her to go to hell…and she did the same…she committed suicide …we could never know why she took her life away until we found out about you from her friends and few things in her cupboard….

You were the reason for my sisters death and that’s why we decided to destroy you….we wanted you to feel how much it hurts when your family gets hurt, we wanted to break your attitude of being an oberoi by bringing the oberois reputation down..we researched how we can enter your lives when we got the proof against your bade papa…and our task became easy, we planned to bring the house and Oberoi Empire down simultaneously, break the family apart and shatter you at the same time…

when I got to know that it isn’t easy to destroy you, I started observing you and studying you…then I realised your biggest weakness is your family and you would do anything for them and most importantly your siblings were your biggest weakness, you can give your life and take your life for them…

we targeted your brother Om first because he was the softest of all…and then to break him down further my mom entered into the life of Tej Singh Oberoi by blackmailing him and making Jhanvi Oberoi’s life hell, seeing her Om was breaking down then we opted to target Priyanka and gave a double blow ….so I entered and targeted Priyanka…I knew if anything happens to Priyanka, you and your entire family will suffer as she was the only daughter of your house….and it worked, you all suffered, suffered a lot seeing Om and Priyanka suffering…. everytime I saw you suffering I felt relaxed…what do you think I couldn’t kill Priyanka when we abducted her, I could have done it easily, but I wanted to torture her and when I did Om was also getting tortured and seeing them you were getting helpless….but you defeated me with your smartness, but how can I leave you so easily…I had to settle scores so I asked your bade papa to deliberately make those divorce papers fall and it landed into your hands as expected…my mom agreeing to your words also was a drama because we needed to plan something big and then we planned…in all this years I was waiting for you to return to India and I persuaded the Australian clients to deal with you..and then they approached your dadi to handle the deal with a clause that you should be handling it…and it went as expected, you came…I made it difficult to gain because I wanted you to act stubborn and put your everything but gain this deal…you did so and you have put your half of property for the bid…I needed only chance to bring you to roads and I got that opportunity too, I created a drama of you misbehaving with me and threatening me…it worked as I knew the clause…everything went as per my plan but I don’t know where from this Anika came and she handled everything….now I cannot back off …I will kill this Anika and your entire family and leave you to suffer as made my sister suffer..…’’

Saying that Riddhima was about to press the trigger , but Gauri pushed Anika  and the Gun fell down…Shivaay screamed to Khanna to catch hold of Riddhima ….but Riddhima was quick enough to pick the Gun and pointed it towards Omkara….she pressed the trigger and Gauri took the bullet by covering up Om……Gauri fell down and Anika screamed Gauri’s name while everyone else were shocked….Police did shoot Riddhima on her hand and took her away while Gauri was rushed to hospital……………

Precap : Anika and Gauri’s relation to come forth

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