Horrific Past To Surprising Future – Ishqbaaz FanFiction- Episode 38

Hi This is VHM aka Harika coming up with a new story / Fanfiction on Ishqbaaz. This will involve all the three couples . A subtle romance, thrill, accusations, support and family bonding. Get on a new ride with me and do support me.

Please ignore the grammatical and spelling mistakes…….Hope the readers would support me the same way as they have supported me till date…

‘’Hello Riddhima Kapoor…Priyanka here’’

‘’I thought The Great Shivaay Singh Oberoi would call me…but you called? Doesn’t it sound funny?’’

‘’Can we talk something sensible?’’

‘’Well if you insist. Tell me why did you call ….ohh wait…Poor Your bhayya has been arrested by Police isn’t it…so you are calling me to take back my Case against him. In short you want to beg me to save your brother…but listen’’

‘’you listen now’’ Priyanka roared in the call, which stunned Riddhima

‘’You listen now Riddhima…I don’t care if Shivaay bhayya is arrested or released…right now I am interested in something else and with your first move , I want you to help me’’

‘’You are kidding right’’

‘’I don’t crack jokes during business….if you don’t want I can hire someone else too’’Priyanka was about to drop the call

‘’ok wait…I will meet…but make sure this is not any trick’’

‘’Ohh please….i have not got such a tricky brain as you…we meet at Oberoi Mall parking lot and don’t worry none will be there as with Shivaay bhayya’s arrest all the Oberoi business houses have been temporarily shut down’’

‘’perfect..see you in 45 minutes then’’


—————-OM , Parking Lot

Priyanka was waiting for Riddhima at the parking lot and she arrived as decided

‘’Hey Priyanka Oberoi…how are you?’’ Riddhima smirked

‘’better than You’’

‘’Why did you call me?’’

‘’I need to destroy Shivaay Singh Oberoi…and I need your help in that’’

‘’good Joke’’

‘’I am in no mood to joke ..I need to destroy Shivaay Singh Oberoi got it’’

‘’oohhh…I am scared…’’ she laughed

‘’enough of your laughing…stop it now’’

‘’Look…I like to play my game on my own and I am not definitely with you in this…and if this is your trick, then let me tell you, none can save Shivaay..because I made a fool proof plan and got him involved in such a case where he will not be easily getting out and even if he gets out then he will lose his reputation forever….i already warned him to be careful with me, but he didn’t listen and he did face the consequences…poor Shivaay he is paying for no wrong of his…’’

Priyanka smiled

‘’If you are thinking you can just record my confession with the CCTV’s in the lot, then remember I have masked them already before meeting you’’ Riddhima smiled and Priyanka looked on

‘’I can’t believe you are so scared’’ Priyanka spoke

‘’Don’t try to double cross me with such statements..got it…because I am someone who can change the game in a giffy and by the way how can I trust your words’’

‘’I am not kidding because I have a reason…and it’s your problem to trust me or not…at this point no one can better help you in destroying the oberoi clan than me who herself is part of it’’

‘’I can’t believe you’’

‘’fine…you can leave then..i have nothing to talk…but ya onething…I have the proofs of you tampering the CCTV  footage of Oberoi Industries …’’


‘’yes …wouldn’t you want to see that’’

‘’ha ha ha ha ha ha ….what proof when I didn’t tamper it …come on, don’t act foolish Prinku I mean Priyanka…’’

‘’Check your mobile …I have sent a VM’’

Riddhima looked on

‘’come on Riddhima Check it and then you can leave’’

Riddhima’s mobile beeped and a VM arrived on her mobile…she looked at it shocked….The VM had a lady morphed with Riddhima’s face, wearing same clothes as Riddhima wore on the day of incident and was seen tampering the CCTV footage of Oberoi Industries

‘’This is not me..’’ Riddhima screamed

‘’how will you prove… it is you who is seen in this’’

‘’the face is morphed and it’s not me’’

‘’exactly…but till the time you get to prove you will become old and will be left with no energy but with this proof…I can definitely release Shivaay Singh Oberoi and splash water on your planning’’

Riddhima went into thoughts

‘’what do you want me to do’’

‘’ohh so you are agreeing to help me’’

‘’Take back your case on Shivaay Bhayya right now and release him ‘’

‘’I knew you are with them’’

‘’will you just shut up’’

Riddhima was stunned to see this new avatar of Priyanka….

‘’It should be only me who want to avenge Shivaay Singh Oberoi not you…it must be me who should punish him not you and I definitely would not like to punish him when he is already bearing punishment…’’

‘’how can I believe you so easily’’

‘’you are such a stupid…you might have known right that initially the Australian company denied to give us the deal, do you know why? Because we I mean I purposely changed the presentation so that we don’t get it….but Anika came in between and helped Bhayya….now I am targeting another major deal and for this I need your help’’

‘’but what’s your motive for doing so’’

‘’I need not care to tell you’’

‘’But I need to know else I will not help you, because you too know he wouldn’t come out of this case if I don’t give my statement…’’

‘’what do you think only you have brain Riddhima…I too have a brain and that too better than yours…if you wouldn’t take back your case, I would present this morphed video and I myself will become a proof that I was present in the room when he was threatening you..…you know when I can morph a video with your face , i can make a video making myself appear in it too…meanwhile during court proceedings , Shivaay bhayya will definitely get hold of the person who helped you in putting the CCTV on loop and then do I need to tell you that you would be behind the bars forever….

On the other hand if you take back the case in a dignified way, I will ensure Shivaay bhayya wouldn’t harm you, because he generally doesn’t deny me’’

Riddhima looked on Puzzled

‘’After you do this …meet me at Global Café tomorrow and I will tell you what to do next’’

Riddhima went from there  and Priyanka dialled a number , Riddhima hid near a wall and listened to whom and what she was speaking

‘’Om bhayya’’ she called and Riddhima was startled

Om came infront of her and hugged her

‘’Om Bhayya…I spoke to Riddhima…she is ready to help us…now, no one can Save Shivaay Singh Oberoi and we will be taking over him very soon’’

Riddhima was startled to see Om and Priyanka planning against Shivaay and after minutes she smirked and left from there….Om and Priyanka smiled that they made Riddhima listen what they wanted her to listen….After ensuring Riddhima left Priyanka entered the mall to meet Om and Gauri………

‘’Gauri…her confession?’’ Om asked

‘’it’s with me…thank God we fixed another camera beforehand whose connection was not given till she masked other camera’s…I must say Shivaay Sir is brainy’’ Gauri spoke

‘’You can praise Shivaay later , but will Riddhima give her statement in favour of Shivaay? Else all the planning will go in vain’’ Om said

‘’I Don’t know Om bhayya, but I tried my level best to be a villain and I was hell nervous in doing so…I thought I cannot do this’’

‘’but you did this Prinku and I am sure everything will go as per what we have planned’’

All three left from there without being noticed by anyone….and while Om and Priyanka reached OM , Gauri reached Anika’s house

———-OM, 2 hours later

‘’Shivaay Bhayya’’ Rudra went towards him and hugged him ‘’I am glad you are back..you can’t imagine how sad I was and Dadi, she has slept after crying so much’’

‘’Rudra..don’t overact..the camera’s have been removed’’ Shivaay whispered

‘’ohh you could have told this earlier’’

Om and Prinku hugged him

‘’Shivaay are you alright?’’

‘’what will happen to me when the police were fake…I was actually enjoying a game of billiards and was waiting for you both to return home ‘’ he smiled

They Hified eachother

When Anika’s call came on Shivaay’s mobile

‘’Hey Anika’’

‘’Shivaay Switch on the TV…there is a breaking news again’’

————Breaking News

The charges against Oberoi Industries Head Mr.Shivaay Singh Oberoi has been pulled off. Ms.Riddhima Kapoor who alleged him yesterday submitting proofs of she being threatened today took back her case. She after taking back the case spoke to the media that Due to her mistake in handling the project, Mr.Oberoi shouted on her and asked her to leave from the cabin…Unable to digest the insult she had filed a case…but later realised that it will yield nothing to her and them and instead all the employees working for the Oberoi Industires would b suffering. So she decided to take back the case. She also apologised on National Television to Mr.Shivaay Singh Oberoi for the inconvenience she caused …she extended her apologies to Ms.Anika Chaturvedi for dragging her into this case without any reason. She said that she would be happy if the Oberois would give her a chance to rectify her mistake and would be more than happy to be back to working along with them…

Police who earlier arrested Shivaay Singh Oberoi have apologised him and left him without any case or charges…

It is to be seen if the Oberois will work with Ms. Riddhima Kapoor again or not… for more news updates stay tuned !!!


Riddhima’s statements were being telecasted in loop on all National Television and Oberois and AniRi heaved a sigh of relief

‘’Anika I will call you back’’ Shivaay said

‘’Fine..and …congratulations’’

‘’Congratulations to you too…we did it’’


Anika dropped the call and smiled


———————The Next Morning

‘’I am coming to Global Café…meet you in a hour ‘’ Riddhima texted Priyanka

Priyanka looked at her brothers

‘’Don’t worry Prinku…we all are with you…and now Om will be anyways coming with you…it’s time for our next strike…hope she will learn her lesson’’

Prinku nodded and Shivaay hugged her

Om and Prinku left from OM to reach Global Café

‘’Hi Riddhima…’’ Priyanka greeted her

‘’Priyanka…’’ she stood up

‘’meet my partner in this Crime’’ Priyanka was about to turn

‘’omkara Singh Oberoi isn’t it’’ Riddhima spoke startling Priyanka

‘’how do you know?’’ Priyanka asked

‘’doesn’t matter…’’

Om came forward

‘’I can’t believe the once naïve and weakest Persons are actually planning something big against their own brother…sorry to say but I am still not able to believe it’’

‘’Riddhima…hadn’t you believed us, you wouldn’t have given statement as we asked for’’

‘’Naah..not because I got scared, but I gave because I wanted to know your actual motive and now when everything is open why not talk everything straight?’’ Riddhima spoke

‘’Fine…you are right…we want to destroy Shivaay Singh Oberoi who is the highest shareholder of Oberoi Industries….ever since you have left from our lives , it has become so that we are living under his roof…everything that we need comes through him and we are deprived of our independence….so we were planning for long to take him over and at the right moment you stepped in…’’

‘’interesting..but why should I help you?’’

‘’because if you help us we will give one fourth share of while Oberoi  properities…the one which you had to lose because of Shivaay’’

‘’And you think I will believe you?’’

‘’look we are not requesting you…we are saying you…as I said , I can anyways hire someother lady and get this job done…but since you have already taken a step, we thought to ask you to be with us in this’’

‘’What’s your  exact plan?’’

‘’nothing much…keep Shivaay distracted by making the Australian deal away from him, already you have laid the seeds for that, you just need to take it forward….while we ensure he loses all the new deals and then I know how to remove him from the company’’ Om said

‘’but why are you trusting me..i mean come on we have been rivals since long’’

‘’you need large amount to do anything Ms.Riddhima..and I am sure you have once again stepped in because you are in need of money…what did you think I can’t find out about you?’’

‘’So you were keeping an eye on me?’’

‘’noo..we are not like you..bribing some staff and installing secret camera’s to have a look on us and then back stabbing…nopes, that’s not we…we just pulled out your financial data and got to know, you desperately need some huge amount and when connected dots oit was clear , you came to once again blackmail us….’’

Riddhima had lost words

‘’don’t be so surprised…we know much more about how you got into this project, how you gambled to deny this project to Oberois…and since Anika saved the project, you brought her into this mess and tried to stain her character isn’t it? Not only that , the Australian project is in your hands now..you can make it or break it…we asked for a copy of your contract and then saw this clause…so after studying about you we chose you to help us…’’

Riddhima looked appalled

‘’Come On Riddhima …if i go on saying about you, an year would be less…so deal is on..will you help us or will you not…and let me remind you…Tej Singh Oberoi has now nothing on his name…so if you are thinking to use him against us, we don’t really care because we never cared for him….’’ Om spoke

‘’fine..i need money and I am with you both in this…but remember don’t try to act…’’ before Riddhima could complete Om spoke

‘’ohh please….we know how we should act…for now, you are only going to do what we ask for…got it and as soon as we are done with our job you will get your shares…now I think we need to leave’’

‘’Om …I hope you are serious about what you are saying…I am again warning you, anything you alter I will do such a thing which you would have never expected and you know I am capable of doing so’’

Saying that Riddhima left from there…after ensuring she has left..Om and Prinku messaged Shivaay and Anika………

———–Oberoi Industries

Shivaay, Anika, Om, Rudra, Gauri, Saumya and Priyanka were present in the meeting room and soon Riddhima stepped in

‘’hello Mr.Shivaay Singh Oberoi’’ she greeted

‘’How dare you?’’ Shivaay was about to make her out when

‘’Bhayya…please…she had accepted her mistakes, so I think we should let this go and remember how important this deal is for us…now It’s ponly Riddhima who can get back this deal for us…so please’’ Priyanka requested Shivaay

‘’But I cannot wiothstand her after what she did’’ Anika got up to go

‘’Anika..wait…listen to me…’’ Riddhima stopped her

‘’I need not’’ Anika spoke curtly

‘’Listen…I am sorry…I shouldn’t have dragged you in this mess…frankly speaking I have no enmity with you…but it was the need of my hour that all that happened…I apologise and I promise I wouldn’t commit any such sin again with you…’’ she requested

Anika looked at Shivaay, He blinked

‘’fine…I hope you would keep up your word’’

‘’Sure…now please…let’s start the meeting’’

Everyone looked on

‘’The Foreign laws are too strict to take any incidents lightly, so I will try my level best so that this project doesn’t go out of Oberoi Industries hand. However I would ask you guys to keep a plan B if I fail to convince them’’ Riddhima spoke

‘’At first place you created a scene and now you are trying to clear of the mess…and you want me to believe you’’ Shivaay spoke rudely

‘’You have to Mr.Shivaay…do you have any other solution for this…so please let me do my work ‘’

‘’But how come you have changed so much suddenly’’

‘’Shivaay..i mean Mr.Oberoi…I need this job for my survival…I have huge debts to pay off and if this deal goes from your hand I have to find another job because of my contract with them…so I am doing this…you can decide whether to trust me or not…’’ Riddhima spoke and winked at Om and Priyanka…they smiled

‘’Fine…I shall for a last time believe you’’ Shivaay said

‘’Let me talk to them and then I will fix a meeting with them….’’ Riddhima said and left from there


Precap : Oberois to finally end Riddhima’s chapter …An unexpected twist to bring forth a big truth !!! To know more stay tuned !!!

This is the Thirty Eighth episode…..please do let me know , how you felt after reading this…any opinions good or bad is welcome…i would reply as soon as possible……….do press the like button and post your opinion without fail…..Thank you so much !!!!


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