Horrific Past To Surprising Future – Ishqbaaz FanFiction- Episode 37

Hi This is VHM aka Harika coming up with a new story / Fanfiction on Ishqbaaz. This will involve all the three couples . A subtle romance, thrill, accusations, support and family bonding. Get on a new ride with me and do support me.

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Shivaay and Anika were busy in their works when Shivaay’s and Anika’s phone started beeping continuously…They both looked at each other and were about to view the messages when the door bell was ringing continuously and Anika was about to get up to open the door

‘’You wait ..i will check’’ Shivaay said and went ahead to Open the door

‘’Rudra, Saumya..you both here? ‘’

‘’Bhayya…did you check the news? ‘’ Rudra spoke taking fast breaths

‘’No..i was working and what’s so important..i mean my phone was ringing , Anika’s too..and now you are here’’

Saumya ‘’Didi…where’s the remote’’

Anika directed it….Saumya switched on the TV and every damn news channel was telecasting only one breaking news playing a muted video of Shivaay and Riddhima’s conversation in Shivaay’s cabin

‘’Shivaay Singh Oberoi threatens a lady by name Riddhima Kapoor asking her to back off from the Australian deal which he has recently signed. The lady has lodged a complaint against Mr.Oberoi for misbehaving with her and for threatening. We tried to contact with Mr.Oberoi , but got to know that he is with another lady employee Ms. Anika Chaturvedi. Coincidentally Ms.Anika is the same who is now heading the Australian deal.

Now the question is ..Did Mr.Oberoi threaten Ms.Riddhima Kapoor to back off from the project due to his affair with Ms. Anika ? Or is there any other rivalry underlying?

All these can be answered only when Mr.Oberoi comes in Open and gives a statement which can be believable.

For more updates keep watching our channel’’

Very soon there were reporters present outside Anika’s house with their camera’s and mike’s. Rudra closed the door immediately and Khanna ensured no one could barge into Anika’s house

Shivaay threw his phone in anger and Anika looked at him horrified…

‘’Shivaay…Please …relax’’ she was about to get up , but was unable to  owing to her leg injury

‘’Noo…’’ Shivaay shouted

‘’Shivaay ..listen..this isn’t a big problem..Shivaay listen to me..’’ Anika tried to speak..but He was in no mood to listen

‘’I wouldn’t leave that Riddhima now…I have shown enough patience, now I will kill her and shut her forever’’

‘’bhayya..please…please stay calm..we will think of a solution..O is also arriving here with Gauri didi…please…’’

‘’Yes Shivaay bhayya…please…don’t take any decisions in haste’’

‘’Khanna…’’ he screamed

Khanna entered with his one scream and stood before him

‘’I want to talk to Information and broadcasting Ministry right now….call them’’

‘’Yes sir’’ he oberyed

‘’Shivaay Singh Oberoi Here…withing 5 minutes , I must see there is no more breaking news in any channel…within 5 minutes, I must have all the news reporters gone outside Anika’s house…else you know what will I do’’

‘’Mr.Oberoi…now this is an national issue…a lady has lodged a complaint with proofs and we are helpless to do anything’’

‘’I don’t care if you are helpless or useless…I said something and I want it done’’

‘’fine..we will see’’

Shivaay ended the call.

Om and Gauri entered then……

‘’Shivaay…Anika are you okay?’’ he asked concerned

Everyone’s face went pale

‘’Shivaay…I know this isn’t the right time but we have one more bad news…the Australian company has decided to back off after the allegations and we have to face the losses , stocks are also falling …’’

‘’Damn Riddhima…I must not have taken her lightly till now…I should have tackled her the moment she entered….’’

‘’Shivaay relax…relax…everything will be fine’’ Om spoke

‘’How….tell me how…you know, I know and everyone here knows the reason why this happened , but can we dare to tell the whole world what she did? ‘’ Shivaay screamed

Everyone stared silently

‘’How dare she brings Anika into this whole mess? How dare she? I can bear any loss but not a word on Anika. She is nowhere related in this rivalry’’

‘’Shivaay…I have never cared what people spoke or said about me. Don’t worry I can handle ‘’ Anika said

‘’how many will you handle? How can you handle? What will you do? Will you say I was here with you the whole day? Do you understand what will be the consequences? What all will be portrayed by media? ‘’

‘’Shivaay …look…when we are not wrong…then why should we worry… we will bring out a solution together…anyways we wanted her to make her first move. It’s good she started, now we will counterattack. ‘’

‘’But didi how?’’ Gauri asked

‘’Leave that to me. For now , whatever we thought we will execute’’

‘’For that the deal should be on Anika’’ Om said

‘’The deal will be on…Shivaay will talk to the clients , because he knows the clauses well regarding this deal…’’ Anika spoke looking at Shivaay hopefully

‘’I will handle the media ‘’ Om came forward

‘’I will take up the other works in office’’ Rudra spoke

‘’We will help you’’ Gauri and Sumo said together

‘’Khanna get me the CCTV Footage of the day when this Video was shot, I need to see who made this video?’’

‘’Sir’’ Khanna bent his head

‘’Khanna…I asked you something…’’ Shivaay got pissed off

‘’Sir..i am sorry, that day all the CCTV’s were kept in a loop for about an hour’’

‘’What?’’ exclaimed everyone

‘’I knew…I knew she would ‘’ he loosened his tie and threw it in anger

‘’I need to talk to Priyanka once. Can I ?’’ Anika finally spoke while everyone looked on

Shivaay looked at her, Anika reciprocated the looks…..

‘’but why?’’ Om asked being tensed

‘’Do you trust me Om?’’ Anika asked

‘’Yes..off course …’’

‘’then let me talk to Priyanka once’’

‘’You can Anika…’’ shivaay replied to which Anika smiled

‘’I Think you guys must leave and work out to manage the situations’’ Anika said looking at Obros and Khanna

‘’You and Gauri are also coming along with us’’ Shivaay announced his decision

‘’But Shivaay’’

‘’I can’t leave you both alone here when there is so much of happenings around…the moment I leave I am sure the reporters would surround you and pose any questions which may make you uncomfortable. So you all will be staying in Oberoi Mansion till the matter settles. And I don’t want to hear NO right now.’’

Anika looked at Gauri

‘’Gauri , Anika ..Shivaay is right…because of our rivalry you are being put in risk and certainly we are not in a position to leave you alone here neither are we in a position to stay here along with you…so it’s better you come along with us…’’ Om spoke

‘’Haan didi…please don’t say NO…and we can discuss our further plans easily in OM when we are together’’ Rudra added

‘’Sumo…we will drop you home on the way’’

Sumo nodded.

‘’We can’t come along with you Shivaay.i will manage.’’ Anika said

‘’Why are you not Understanding Anika’’

‘’you are not able to see beyond. I know you are concerned for our safety and respect, but if we walk in with you now, the allegations will be proved right and right now we cannot take this risk. So it’s better we stay here…and don’t worry, we will handle’’

‘’Fine then ..Khanna will stay back here as you security and don’t you dare say NO for this..’’

Shivaay along with Om Ru and Sumo left from there , leaving Khanna behind

————–Later that Night

Door bell rang and Khanna was the one to see who it was

‘’Priyanka mam…you here?’’

‘’yes…Anika messaged me to meet her here…’’

Khanna allowed her in shutting the doors

‘’Priyanka’’ Anika welcomed her

‘’I…I am sorry Anika…you were put into trouble because of us..’’

‘’it’s okay Priyanka…you need not be sorry…’’

Gauri joined

‘’You wanted to talk to me Anika? ‘’

‘’yes…I want you to tackle Riddhima…’’

‘’what? You don’t know what happened in the past, so you are saying so?’’

Anika looked at Gauri

‘’Priyanka we know everything..’’ Gauri replied

‘’even then?’’

‘’yes…and only you can handle Riddhima now….i have a  plan, if this gets executed properly then Riddhima will never dare to repeat such thing again’’

Priyanka looked sceptical

‘’I know what you might be thinking…and I can understand your fears, but don’t worry, Gauri and Om will be along with you in this…after lot of thinking I made this plan and shared with Shivaay too…Riddhima considers you and Om to be the weakest persons, so she will take you both lite and I want to take this as advantage…but I will not force you Priyanka…if you are not willing to then we will think of other way…’’ Anika said

‘’what’s the plan?’’

Anika explained her plan in detail

‘’I will do this Anika..not for anyone but for me and Om bhayya…I want to let Riddhima know that we both are not weaklings….Shivaay bhayya has taken lot of trouble it’s time I need to bring him out of trouble’’


Police stepped into OM

‘’Where is Mr.Shivaay Singh Oberoi ?’’ the Senior Inspector called

‘’Billu…why are you asking about my Billu?’’ Dadi came forward

‘’We came to arrest him on the charges of harassing a women employee in his office’’

‘’no…this can’t be true…my Billu can never do this’’

‘’We have proofs and orders …so let us do our work… please call Mr.Shivaay Singh Oberoi’’

Shivaay stepped in

‘’Mr.Oberoi…you need to come with us’’ the SI said

‘’Do you know to whom you are speaking to? I am Shivaay Singh Oberoi and none dares to speak to me so’’

‘’Mr.Oberoi…we have orders to take you with us…so we request you to walk with us else’’

‘’else what? One call and your job and you both will be finished’’ he spoke to the SI and screamed ‘’Mishra’’

‘’yes sir’’ Mishra came instantly

‘’Call the home minister and I will talk to him ‘’

‘’Sir You can’t do this…atleast respect the Orders’’ SI spoke as calm as possible

‘’Fine…I will walk down with you…’’ Shivaay said startling everyone else

Shivaay walked along with Police, looking at Dadi..Dadi was breaking down while Om and Rudra handled her…


Precap : How will Oberois make Riddhima lose ?? To know more stay tuned !!!

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