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Day 51
Buzzer plays, Dipika asks who is going? Sristy says no one is coming here. Dipika says to KV that we shouldnt make this task stuck right now, KV says we will go in from tomorrow. Shiv comes out and says I want to come. Sristy tears his ticket.

Dipika says to Megha that we have to become balance in number. Megha says let this night go and see if they will come out.

Deepak laughs and says to Sree that I cant go to your level, Sree says come closer and remember it. Sree says call your snake KV. KV says I am a snake? Sree says what you want? He moves towards KV. KV says you are a termite.

Buzzer plays, Surbhi says we are not going. Dipika says we are going in. Romil says one from us have to go. Deepak says its Sristy’s call.

Sristy says to them that they have gone out, they will not lose numbers.

Sristy says to inmates that one inmate have to go in or go out, please decide mutually. Deepak says Jasleen should go. Sristy says this task will stop if you dont decide. Deepak says all will become nominated, we are already nominated. Surbhi says we are not doing favors anymore. KV talks to Deepak and says we dont mind anyone becoming captain from us. KV says I want to become captain between us four. Jasleen whispers to Sree and says I am going in. KV says one minute. Sristy says she is right. Dipika says I am a fool standing here. KV says they can discuss with us. Dipika says yes. Jasleen goes in. KV says this is not right. Jasleen says I was coming to discuss. KV says we are playing as a team and you people dont even talk. Jasleen says I just told Sree that I am going. KV says you can talk to us too. Jasleen says I saw you talking to Deepak, you were ready to go in but then you changed your decision. KV says I dont mind you coming in but you can tell us too. Jasleen says you can tell too. Sristy says Jasleen is coming out of horror house. She tears her ticket. KV says wow she is back. Shiv says Jasleen you promised to not do it, what is this? Rohit says why are you here? Shiv says you said you would stay there, dont talk to me now.

Deepak says to Romil that Jasleen was telling KV that he talked to me and is with us.
KV says to Jasleen that you talked to Sree and took decision, we are all playing together. Jasleen says you are connected with them more, you are doing this, you were asking me about Anup when they alleged, KV says when they called Anup as budha, I stopped them.
Romil says they will come to beg us. Surbhi says we are on right side of game.
KV says to Jasleen that play alone if you dont want to talk.
Sree says to Megha that KV said himself that he will make a team.

Jasleen says to Shiv that they will not come out, I heard it and they are ready to make KV captain. Shiv says you should have listened to me, you promised me to support but then you didnt, dont talk now.

Bigg Boss says there will be no transfer till tomorrow morning, there are 5-5 inmates on both sides and there will be no moving now.
Sristy laughs, Shiv says we will see who comes out.
Romil says to his team that one from us should leave.

Shiv says to Sree that why are you miffed on KV? is he so important. Sree says ask him to not talk, Shiv says you initiated it, dont do it.
KV says to Sristy that Shiv agreed that Sree was wrong in all our fights.
Sree says to Shiv that I am not with KV anymore.

Day 52
Humgama hogya plays, inmates dance and enjoy.

Deepak asks who will go first today? Romil says we can go. Somi says we dont have much chance.
Sree says to Megha that we will not move from here, KV will move from here. Jasleen says they dont have a problem with task ending without decision. Sree says Dipika is not in tension, people who are scared of nominations are worried.

Dipika asks Romil what he thought? I am asking for support. Romil says what we will get? Dipika says its me or KV.
Megha says to Sree that I know whose name they have chosen and I will go behind it.
Romil says when buzzer plays, we will go out, it will balance out then Megha will panic.
Sree says to Jasleen that when buzzer plays, Megha will go in.
Romil says to Dipika that we are ready to make Surbhi or Somi captain. Surbhi says no if its KV then we want Romil against him. Romil says if its Dipika then Surbhi can go. Dipika says KV should become captain, he has performed many times but lost. Somi says you are ready to sacrifice for KV? Dipika says yes.
Sree says to Megha that Dipika thinks she will play the master stroke.

Surbhi says to Dipika that we will go out, we have to attack.

Megha talks to Dipika, Dipika says Surbhi is coming out, she is ill. Megha says but we decided that we will go inside. KV says its same thing, Dipika says let Surbhi come out. Megha says but I have to come in for sure. KV says you come in after me.

Dipika says to happy club that Megha wants to come in, I am saying that two from here goes in main house then KV will come in, we have to keep minority here. Romil says Surbhi and Deepak are ill. Deepak says Surbhi is more ill but if I go second then they will make it an issue so let me go first then we can send Surbhi out.

Deepak takes his ticket and says I am coming out. Shiv says you are coming out? Deepak says I have to change my sling, its a problem for me. Shiv says okay, Sristy shreds his ticket.

Deepak says to KV that Surbhi have girls problem so she will come out, then we will have 2 inmates from us on both sides, you will become contender at any cost.

KV says to Megha that I will go in. Megha says they dont have problem with you and me, we can take their support.
Buzzer plays, Surbhi comes out. KV says I want to go in. Megha says why did you let Deepak come out first? Surbhi says to KV that why are you asking me to not come out? I have to take bath and have to come in main house. Surbhi says I am not sick here, I have to take bath. KV says I will not agree after this. Sristy shreds Surbhi’s ticket. Somi says Deepak and Surbhi had medical issues.
KV says to Deepak that we are crazy that we didnt go in.
Megha says to KV that its their plan, I will play for myself too.
Buzzer plays, KV and Megha runs. Megha says I want to go first, Megha says KV gave his chance to someone else. Sristy says to KV that you gave your chance to Deepak. Sree supports Megha. Surbhi asks him to stop it. Sree asks her to shut up.
KV talks to Megha and says can I go? She says no, after me. Surbhi says you are disqualified so stop it. Sree shouts at her. Bigg Boss says Sristy have a right to decide who can use ticket first. Sristy is tensed. Sree says KV missed his chance. KV says you missed your life, you missed 10 years of your life. Sree says I didnt miss anything, I missed cricket and it was not my life, I have more movies than you.
KV says to Sristy that Megha calculated and said she wont go first. Sree says to Shiv that he is talking about my life, Megha will go, all are with her. Deepak says you dont talk, we dont change sides like you, Deepak says we are mentally strong, you will go out. Sree says I will go after making you leave.
Megha says to Sristy that I was not ready but I agreed for him. Sristy says Megha is right, she gave her chance to you. Sristy decides to
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