Bigg Boss 12 2nd November 2018 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 12 2nd November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 47
Inmates wake up to song badtameez dil, they all dance and enjoy.

Sree says to Rohit that Jasleen doesnt clean her bed, her hair are there too.
KV and Deepak makes fun of Jasleen brooming.

Jasleen says to Rohit that you said about me splashing water in washroom area? you told Sree? Rohit says yes, we cleaned it. Jasleen says to Surbhi that Sristy could have talked to me, we know how to use washroom.

Somi kisses Salman’s posture and says I cant talk much when he is online.

All come to washroom and see posture broken. KV says Deepak did it, this is a big thing.

Sree says to Deepika that first time I will not go to jail as I am captain. Somi says KV broke that posture. Romil says dont say which you didnt

see. Somi says I was there, she gets emotional. Romil asks what happened? Sree asks if she is fine?

Somi says to Romil that dont talk about me anymore. Romil says Megha is sleeping with you so you are not with us now. Somi says I dont even talk to her. Romil says you are doing drama.

Surbhi says to Deepak that me and Somi will go to jail with you, right Somi? Somi ignores. Deepak says I need massage on my hand. Somi says I can tie rakhi.

Megha says I am not going to jail. Romil says you are on top of list to go to jail, you called people donkey, it was an insult. Megha says you all insulted me too saying I was not a winner. Romil says I am lawyer here, Megha says I dont need a lawyer like you, I will see who can send me to jail. Megha says to camera that if they dont respect winner of this format, they dont have right to win this show. Romil says she was losing and asking for a deal, it was not a thing to do as a winner, people have a chance to change their decision.

Jasleen says to inmates that Deepak, Romil and Rohit should go to jail, you people stole from fridge. Deepak says you can say that you didnt drink. Jasleen says we didnt drink and didnt see. Surbhi says I didnt do anything this time.

Deepak comes to jail and says I cleaned it two days back and didnt know I will be going to jail today, they are plotting to send an innocent person to jail, Bigg Boss can say that this diwali, its not good to send anyone to jail.

Bigg Boss says to inmates that its time to send three people to jail, think about this week’s performance and send them to jail, Sree is captain so he cant be chosen. All laugh. KV says first robber is Rohit, he stole Appy Fizz, then Megha, Deepak stole 75 drinks. Jasleen takes Deepak’s name, Megha, Rohit. Deepika takes Deepak, Megha and Rohit’s name. Surbhi takes Deepak, Megha’s name for alleging people to be fake, she takes KV’s name for not accepting Deepak as captain after he worked to hard. Megha takes Romil’s name, Surbhi’s name for not respecting winners of other Bigg Boss. Surbhi says keep your winning ego outside. Megha says I respect this format but you dont, Sree tries to stop them. Megha and Surbhi shout at each other, Megha says you dont respect others, you keep calling names to others, you are hungry for footage. Megha takes Rohit’s name. Rohit takes Deepak’s name, Megha’s name, KV’s name. Somi takes Rohit’s name, Deepak’s name and KV’s name. Romil takes Megha’s name, he says she crosses line, he takes KV’s name. Sree says Vikas cursed infront of girls but he is not here so I will take Megha’s name, Rohit’s name and KV’s name. KV says to Surbhi that if someone doesnt respect me then I cant respect him. Surbhi says if you dont accept a captain after he worked hard then its insult on house. Surbhi says Megha alleged that I am fake, people from all places are here. Megha puts hands on her ears. Surbhi says all stars are here but all are equal here, keep your winning attitude away.
Bigg Boss asks who are chosen for jail? Sree says Megha, Rohit and Deepak are nominated by everyone. Bigg Boss says Sreesanth has the right as captain to save one person and nominate someone else instead. He saves Deepak and nominates KV instead. So now Megha, Rohit and Karanvir will be in the kaalkothri. Romil can’t stop laughing at KV’s fate. Bigg Boss asks Sree to lock them in jail. Deepak dances around.

KV sits near jail and is sad.

KV says to Deepika that I dont know what to say. Deepika says I dont know why he took your name, Romil was more deserving to go. Sree comes there and opens jail. Urvashi says some innocents go to jail without any reason. Deepika asks Sree did you choose him as per votes? Dipika demands an explanation from Sreesanth on why he sent Karanvir to jail. Sree says it was about votes against him. KV tells him that he was wrong and it is an emotional decision in this house and not one to be taken unemotionally like it is done on the cricket field. KV says that Sreesanth wanted to please the house of residents who never stood by him and put into jail the person who has always stood by him. Surbhi says KV got physical in task. Sree says I didnt even raise that point. Dipika says you have been the one who used bad words mostly. Sree says you can go to him, to hell with you. Deepika says what did you say? Dipika says we have been standing with you because we know your condition. KV says even girls dont cry over small bruises and you are making it an issue.
Somi says to Megha that Sree was wrong too.
Even Jasleen tells Sreesanth that he was wrong in sending KV to jail. Sree says KV was wrong, you were wrong too for destroying hygiene of washroom. Jasleen says you are just listening to Sristy. Sristy says you are unhygienic. Each one accuses the other of being unhygienic over extra water on the floor. Sristy shouts at Jasleen that washroom is my business, dont tell me that you are not unhygienic. Jasleen says how dare you call me unhygienic. KV tells Dipika to go stop Jasleen. They separate the two. Dipika takes Sristy from there.
KV says to Sristy that Sree says he didnt want to go against house but what about us stading for him? Urvashi tells Sreesanth that he was wrong in sending KV to jail.
Romil, Surbhi and Deepak come to talk to KV. Romil says to KV that I am not calling Sree right but you didnt do right too. Megha gets into a fight with them and says to Romil that you think you are mastermind, I am not talking to you. The three can’t stop laughing at her.

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